Law Of Dumping The Garbage

Law Of Dumping The Garbage

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I had an official tour to Bangalore and I had hired a taxi so that it could drop me at the airport. The driver reached well in time and we started off for our destination. Jagdeep seemed to be a good driver because he not only followed all the traffic rules but also drove smartly in the right lanes so that we didn’t lose on time. Suddenly, a jeep appeared from nowhere right in front of us!

I almost closed my eyes as I was sure that we were going to crash into each other. I could easily visualise that the car was ruined and we were in the hospital. However, quite contrary to my imagination, Jagdeep reacted to the situation immediately. He applied brakes as hard as he could... our car skidded and missed hitting the jeep just by inches. Ah! We were saved.

But before I could even take a sigh of relief, the jeep driver whipped his head and began to yell at us. He shouted and even used abusive language. I was taken aback! I mumbled, “How could someone behave like this when it was his own mistake?”

But then I witnessed something that was really enlightening. Jagdeep reacted to the whole episode rather gracefully. All he did was smile at the jeep driver and waved him off with a genuine friendly smile.

I couldn’t stop myself and tried to find out the reason as to why Jagdeep did not feel bad about the driver’s behaviour.    

This is when I learnt a new perspective of life.  My taxi driver was teaching me the law of “Dumping the garbage.” He taught me that there are many people who move around full of garbage which is in the form of anger, frustration, deception, sham and disappointment. Eventually when this garbage gets stacked up, they require a place to dump it.  And sometimes it’s you where they think they can shed it off.

All we need to understand is not to take it seriously or personally. In fact, they are those unfortunate ones who are deprived of love or even a smile! So simply smile at them and move on. Never let it affect you else you will spread it on other people, colleagues, friends or at home. The thumb rule is that your success is directly proportional to how you react to the ‘dumping of the garbage’. Whether it is from your boss or from just about a shopkeeper, keep it at bay and don’t let it take over.

Life is beautiful if you have the right attitude to live.  Love and respect those who care for you ...And have compassion for those who don’t.

Happy Living!

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