My Kinda Fairy Tale

My Kinda Fairy Tale

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Every tale that has been read out to me in my childhood turned out to be wrong. I wonder why there isn't a fairy tale that doesn't have a ending where they don't end up marrying each other or live happily ever after scenes.

Why ? Why does it have to be between a prince and a princess? I have a tale of my own now. A tale much better than fairy tale, much better than a prince; much sweeter Cinderella or snow white

So there we were, trying to figure out how to twirl and swirl and have the flawless dance that seemed easy just like in movies but no! There we were trying to figure out how to hold hands , how to move, and how to have that twirl that every girl does so perfectly but not me. We had no idea what this was all about, for me it was something flawless that I thought everyone could master in the first attempt. But what made it perfect was that, he asked for the dance in the middle of the conversation and taken back by surprise I agreed and two minutes later we were giggling at our stupidity. The eye contact that hardly lasted for a second or two screamed 'i ll be there for u', the background music Shadow of the day by Linkin Park made things seem comfortable. The way he smiled, that clumsy turn, that giggle and holding his hand seemed nice.

I guess its all about how comfortable you are with the other person and it takes just seconds to know that you click with each other. Cliche love stories cant be compared with this imperfectly perfect relationship. This much better than a fairy tale.

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