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The unhappy devotee
The unhappy devotee

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Once upon a time there was a woman who lived close to the sea went down to the beach and sang songs, praising Lord Neptune. The Lord was pleased by her prayers and he finally came to the surface and asked her what she wanted. The woman was happy to see the lord in front of her. She said she wanted a cow and began to hum again. The very next moment there was a cow standing next to her.

The woman was overjoyed.

She began singing another song. Then there was another cow beside her. The woman kept singing and every time she paused for a breath there would be another cow on the beach. The beach was quite small and the number of cows started increasing, it became crowded. Ultimately, there was just enough space for her to stand. The woman was not satisfied, though. There was a large rock at her feet. She felt that, that could be a place for one more cow, if she removed the rock there. Therefore, she picked it up and collecting all her strength dragged it into the sea.

Unfortunately for her, Neptune himself was coming to the surface at that moment to bestow his blessings on his devotee.

The rock hit him on the head.

The god was so angry he dived back into the waters taking with him all the cows he had given the woman.

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