Lessons My Dog Taught Me

Lessons My Dog Taught Me

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Ever had a dog that adopted you? Well, we had a stray named Crystal. He was brown in colour with same coloured eyes and a constant smile, I know, I know dogs don’t smile but crystal did.

On our first day in our house in Goa, Crystal just came over, sniffed our place, used her tail to clean up a bit n then sat down. We always wondered where she came from or why she chose us. All we know is that she decided to stay and we were really glad. She would come home every morning and night and go away later. Where she went, I never knew, but next morning she'd be back.

Every mating season, we had a litter of puppies and every year, we somehow managed to get rid of them. Yes, it broke my heart to see her cry for her pups but I guess it just had to be done.

Her favourite food was Parle G biscuits and milk. She never made any demands. We never gave her a bath or regularly vaccinated her. I guess she was just too bohemian. I never took her for a walk or a run, she was just too free spirited.

She was ageing and I wanted to help her but I guess she was too proud to ask. However, I knew I had to do something for her because had a piece of  my heart with her. One day, I did the unthinkable and called the SPCA. They came in a van and took her. Ohh! How she cried and howled! But I picked her up n pushed her into the van. They told me Crystal would come back in three days, but she didn’t.

It took seven days before she came home. They were the longest days of my life. When they got her back they said that she had not eaten in seven days and only had water. She had cried throughout her stay in SPCA. She refused to come near me because I had betrayed her trust but she happily spent time with my mom who use to pet and feed her.

I took a long time and a longer apology before she came back to me and show me that the doctors had spayed her.

One morning, mom after preparing her breakfast called out to her but there was no response. We ignored her absence assuming that she may be on a morning date but soon we realized that she had missed her lunch and dinner as well.

We never saw her again after that.

They say a dog teaches children about responsibility, but Crystal taught me about unconditional love, she adopted us, no questions asked and even in death she never bothered us, no questions asked.

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