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A bright, young Chartered Accountant(CA) student, Atharva, began his CA career with a struggle. He failed the intermediate level 7 times before clearing both the groups. He joined as an article employed in a mid-sized CA Firm.

His work showed that he was beyond his academics. Although he may have failed IPCC many times, his practical work was above par and that quickly made him a favorite in office.

Every Partner of the Firm wanted to get their work done through Atharva. He showed his full dedication at work and achieved the prestigious 'Article of the Year' award!

That was actually the worst thing to have happened to him. The success and trust of his firm on him, went to his head. Atharva became over-confident and treated every work very casually.

That's when a mistake was unearthed. A mistake which would forever shame him in front of the whole office. A mistake which he had committed due to either his laziness or negligence; the brunt of which would have to be borne by the entire office.

Atharva committed a very serious mistake doing his work, which would lead to sever implications. He received flak from the Firm's partners.

No one trusted him again. All the Partners refrained from assigning work to him. Some of them even questioned his ability to become a Chartered Accountant.

He was prohibited from getting engaged in future audits without prior approval. Atharva was now looked upon by almost everyone. He had a few friends who stood by his side, citing the mistake as a learning process.

Atharva repented that mistake more than anything else in his life. Because now, it may or may not harm him but cause harm to the Firm he is working in.

He has nothing but remorse now. Sorrow. Guilt. In his mind, in his heart. He does not feel like stepping into the office ever again. Where he once used to spend 10-12 hours a day,working happily.

Carelessness, casual attitude towards work and negligence will cost you dearly! Don't be like Atharva! Be serious about work. Never take your work lightly.

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