An Abandoned Prodigy

An Abandoned Prodigy

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As she heard the sound of approaching footsteps, she remembered how last night she had almost succumbed to the beatings by her own bestial husband, as he thought it was necessary to chastise her because of the sins she had committed. Yes, making way for a little angel to come down in this dry world was her only fault.

She knew it was coming again. Some more hours of growling and battering, but all she asked from God was her angel to be spared. That night had left her with some lifelong scars and bruises. She knew it was her destiny to rot in this hell, but she wanted every bit of happiness for her little princess. She knew this wasn't the place, so she decided to leave the part of herself in an orphanage.

Next morning after leaving her there, she turned around one last time, to see her face. Then she left, leaving her daughter to the Almighty's grace.

Few days later, in came a couple, who were blessed with every comfort and luxury but were denied from the most beautiful feeling of parenthood. They saw that little girl lying in the cradle, and at that very moment they realized that she was the reason they were there. No sooner had they completed the formalities that the three of them left for their mansion. But destiny had other plans for her.

Days passed, and their angel filled their void. There were smiles on their faces when they felt her small fingers curled around their own, when she spoke her first word and when she took her first step. Yes, those smiles were truly irreplaceable.

As she grew up, they provided her everything, anything she ever wished for, fulfilled her every need. She was brilliant in academics and claiming that top spot had become her habit. With each passing day, she was proving herself a child prodigy. The mystery of the stars and space fascinated her from her the start, astronomy was her dream.

As she chased it down, it was just a matter of time when it became a reality. She was chosen by NASA. After some years, came the day to literally fly in the sky and to touch the stars that she had always dreamt of playing with. She was living her dream. She was the nation’s pride. The whole country was glued on TV watching their girl, as the aircraft took off.

Somewhere down the streets, in a shabby house, an old lady saw it too. Seeing that girl touch the sky, the only thought came to her was of her own abandoned daughter. Lucky are those who are blessed with a child like that is what she thought, as she ran her fingers across her old scars. Beside her sat an old man, coughing, thinking the same.

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