Late Night Crime…

Late Night Crime…

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“Wow, son…! In an early morning, the car service is going on, eh? That’s good…!" Father smiled and appreciated in a surprised tone.

"Y-Yes dad….", he fleetly covered the headlight by spreading a wet mop on it and concealed the terrible mistake he’d done yesterday night.

His pupils turned in the corner of the eyes and looked at him to confirm that dad’s eyes hadn’t caught the blood on the headlight. Dad went away yawning.

Yesterday night, while returning from friend’s party, by mistaken he had collided the car to an old man and drove over him. He stopped the car and looked into the mirror. That old man was dead at the moment and his car’s right front tire was dribbling with blood. He got terrified! He accelerated the car immediately and ran away. Thinking this…. He poured the whole bucket of water on the headlight and immediately wiped the frozen blood by the mop. He looked around to confirmed that nobody seen clotted blood goes into the drain! He heart was throbbing just by thinking that what if someone would find out his crime?

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