Jobless Lover

Jobless Lover

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Love is, extremely a good feeling maybe the best feeling in the world. It makes people mad, blind, foolish at the same time. There is a scarcity of love in this world and everyone needs it.

Pritesh was feeling the same way when a girl invited him at her house and she was alone which was a cherry on the cake. Pritesh was extremely excited because it was his first time. He was a really shy guy, sometimes irritating and was not so handsome or cute.

A girl in India rarely approaches a boy, it is the work of a man to approach his love. A proposal is a necessary component to officially declare the relationship between a man and a lady. Most of the proposals are accepted by girls saying- he is so cute. And boys also accept this universal fact of being cute.

But Pritesh was not so cute. The girl he was talking to was studying in his college. Her name was Sanjana and she was a pretty, dainty girl with innocence on her face. Pritesh had not met her for the past 3 years after finishing his graduation. In India, graduation or degree is regarded as the most important aspect of life. Every Indian parents have one slogan for their children “do whatever you want to do but after completing graduation”. Pritesh was a masters of science but today he was jobless or we can say educated but jobless. He wanted to date Sanjana since they were chatting with each other for the past 6 months. He wanted to experience the beautiful feeling of love and so he was approaching Sanjana. He used the strategy of slow proposal in which there are basically 3 stages- first friends, then best friend and finally boyfriend. He was near to the last stage which was a big thing for him since it was going to be his first love.

At 6:00 in the evening when the sun was about to set Pritesh rose to meet his love. He wore the best shirt of his wardrobe, applied fairness cream on his tanned face, applied gel on his hair, sprayed half bottle of perfume on his clothes, wore a pair of sneakers and finally he left. Sanjana was living almost 2-3 km away from him so rickshaw was the only way to reach her home. Finding a rickshaw in Mumbai is sometimes like finding eternal peace and when it’s raining the chances to find rickshaw decreases. Pritesh got a rickshaw after a long struggle and finally he reached at his destination. There was a huge pothole between him and his destination filled with water. Indian roads have this amazing feature of potholes which act as a natural speed breaker. Beside that pothole on the other side of the road there was a big hoarding displaying the picture of the local co-operator with “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY” engraved on it. Pritesh dodged the pothole and went to a flower shop to buy some roses for his love. He entered Sanjana’s building which was a 12 storey tower and she was living on the 7th floor. Pritesh embarked towards lift but he was interrupted by the watchman “ Sirji ! where do you want to go?”

“ To the 7th floor, Sanjana Verma” he replied

“ There is no electricity, use the stairs” watchman said in confidence

Electricity has become the basic necessity of human being but some parts in India still don’t have electricity. Pritesh climbed till the seventh floor for his love. He almost burned 100-200 calories in it. Finally he reached in front of her house after defeating all the bad omens. He rang the bell and the door was opened by Sanjana. She was wearing a casual t shirt and pyjamas. Pritesh gave her some roses and she smiled back in return.

“ Come inside” she said.

Pritesh came in and started observing her house. The living room was little bit small because the city doesn’t has much space. 32 inch LED TV was looking much bigger in the living room. Pritesh was filled with joy and enthusiasm because it was his first time that he was getting

so much love from the opposite sex. Sanjana said “I was waiting for you. Come inside, let’s have some fun”. Pritesh was unable to handle his excitement and he followed her to the bedroom. Pritesh sat down on the bed and Sanjana in front of him…

“So how are you?” she enquired

“ I am fine, what about you?” he asked

“ I am good, just sit here let me bring you some snacks”

She went into the kitchen. Pritesh started laughing in his mind, he started feeling the touch of bed and closed his eyes for few seconds in peace. He started checking out her bedroom. It was of the same size as of the living room. It had a well furnished wardrobe, clothes were hanging near the window, there was a attached washroom to the room and the room was filled with the fragrance of love. Pritesh was on his way to a happy married life with Sanjana inside his mind but suddenly the washroom door was opened with a bang and a young boy came laughing out of it. Sanjana came laughing from the kitchen with him mother. Pritesh was confused whether to smile or cry because he was unaware of what was happening. Finally there was silence in the room and Pritesh enquired…

” What is this, you were alone?”

“ No stupid, it was a prank! My mother and boyfriend planned it, why are you so shy?”

Pritesh’s heart was shattered and it was filled with a symphony of sadness on hearing the word boyfriend. He was unhappy of the fact that Sanjana didn’t even consider him as a candidate to become her boyfriend.

“ Don’t be so sad Pritesh, it was just a prank. Meet my boyfriend Rahul and this is my mother”

“ Hello beta, how are you?” enquired her mother

“ I am single” replied Pritesh

He just started walking out of the room and left the house. Sanjana and her mother tried to stop him but he didn’t. At first he was jobless but now he was loveless too. He went towards the lift and it was working. The electricity was back in the town. As he exited from the gate, he could see some workers filling the pothole with cement. The city was developing but Pritesh was destroyed. From that day onward, Pritesh decided to stay away from love get a job. Love makes a person mad and foolish. Love sucks and it’s happy to be single. Sometimes love becomes the worst feeling in life. Only some handsome people in life find true love because looks doesn’t matter. Love is a feeling which arises only if our stomach is filled.

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