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Myth Called Perfection
Myth Called Perfection

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Since the beginning of time, we have been aspiring for what they call success. Success has its own derivations and its ambiguous nature allures the ordinary human.

What is deeply rooted within success is attention, which is a general interpretation considering the idea painted into the mind when it flashes success, is a big bungalow, a car and a high paying job with minimal work load. Everyone wants to be a success as they aspire to be noticed.

But this comes at the cost of the implementation of the abstraction of perfection. They teach us, the more accurate we are with our work, the more quality we bring in to a project, more hardwork, and lastly more perfection, is what it takes to become the person of your dreams.

Idea of perfection is concept formulated by those individuals who wanted human beings to be less human and more robot . As ,no person is same and the way with which deal with executing these so called steps to success are divergent, fitting everyone in the same sailing boat is illogical yet widely accepted.

For a late boomers, the idea of perfection may be the way they cope up with their more bright pals so as to be at par with them. For under achievers , it may be how to keep up with the falling grades.

End of story is not that with perfection one achieves it all, it is with how imperfect you can be and how you deal with it to make your own path to the ladder of success is what that matters.

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