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Jonathan Lee was a boy from a very rich family in Denmark. He had everything he could have dreamt of. His house was in the shape of a pineapple, which was inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants house who was his favorite cartoon character. He had many cars. Among them his favourite one was a banana shaped car called the "Bananamobile" which was inspired by his favourite storybook Geronimo Stilton. Not only cars were owned by him he also had dogs, Capuchin monkeys and a few fish tanks. The dogs were Bolt, Nancy and Mickey, the monkeys were Lulu and Tubby. And they were the last things that came to his mind.

One day while was taking a stroll in the woods with his dogs who were managed by a housekeeper who accompanied him. Suddenly, he felt a hand placed on his shoulder. He took one look and did not bother who it was and at his second glance he saw it was a bear! He looked for his housekeeper and saw him running away. It was just him, his dogs and the bear. The bear scrathched Jonathan's face and the dogs got furious. They charged at the bear. By that time the housekeeper came with two forest officials who drove the bear away. Jonathan was shocked that the dogs he looked forward to fondle with risked  their life and saved his life. 

From then onwards he made sure he spent an hour with the dogs and made them happy and he became happy himself. He soon realised his dogs were a limitless source of positivity. They loved him selflessly even though he was inattentive to their needs. They risked their lives for their master.

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