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The Cafe
The Cafe

© Jisha Rajesh

Drama Tragedy

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She waited for him in the cafe without knowing either when he will come or whether he will come at all or not. She remembered the day they had first met in the same cafe and she had scolded him to death for spilling his coffee on her brand new dress. Although she did regret it later as she realised that it was accidental and he didn't do it on purpose.

He waited for her in the cafe, a week later and gifted her with a dress similar to the one that he had spoilt. It brought tears to her eyes as she thought of the toiling a man of limited means like him must have underwent to buy such an expensive dress as that. She apologised to him as sincerely as she could for her misbehaviour. They won each other's heart and fell in love with each other in the cafe that day.

'Everything would have went well,' she thought, 'if I hadn't listened to my Mom.'

Her Mom advised her to be practical and stay away from that pauper boy if she wishes to have a bright future. Otherwise, she would soon find herself begging on the streets. Though initially, she had revolted against her mother and had made plans to elope with him. But gradually, her mother made her believe that she will instantly find her way back to this bungalow as she could never lead a life which is devoid of the luxurious comforts that is quite accustomed to. That was the biggest mistake she had ever made in her life. She asked him to step out of her life and he did so like he has satisfied her every other wish without bearing any grudge against her. And vanished into oblivion at once, far away from her.

But the moment he was gone, she realised that her life was meaningless without him. She ran from pillar to post in search of him but still couldn't find him. At last, she returned to the cafe where they had first met and kept waiting for him for years now with a firm belief that one day he will come for her if he had loved her as much as she has.

As the Sun sunk itself into the ocean, she left the cafe for her house only to come back again tomorrow, even more determined. A bearded man wearing dark glasses, who was having coffee on the table right behind hers too rose from his seat and left the cafe after her.

'How could I let her go back alone in the dark through all those desolate streets,' he thought as he quietly followed her from a distance, 'because I too love her as much as she loves me.'

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