A View Of The Grocer'S Shop

A View Of The Grocer'S Shop

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Little Rosy was never tried of looking into the window of her neighbouring grocer’s shop. Now that it was Christmas time, the shop was more beautifully decorated than ever before and it was so  soothing to the eyes off Rosy that she would keep looking at the shop endlessly. On the great wooden table, in the middle, was kept a huge chicken,circled  by roast meat and pizzas of different varieties. Then there were cakes of different sizes, colourful sweets and dry fruits boxes, delicious toffees, apples, bananas, pastries and patties. In  the shop there was a faint aroma of chocolates and biscuits which warmed the little girl’s heart and soothed her mind still more.

The shopkeeper noticed it. On the Christmas day also she was standing before the shop, looking at the things curiously. Suddenly an old man with snow-white beard appeared from nowhere in the shop. He called the girl and said, “ What’s your name good girl?”

“I am Rosy,” She said.

“Good girl! You are very sweet and innocent! I like such children! I have been noticing you for the last five days looking at beautiful things in the shop with great yearning. I am also aware that you are an orphan, and there is none whom you can ask to buy desired things for you. You  can treat me as your father. Tell me, what would you like to have?” said the old man with snow-white beard.

But Rosy was feeling shy. She could’t make any demand.

“Come on!  I have got  beautiful things for children like you. Take this bag; you have your share in it,” said the kind old man and disappeared.


Don’t be surprised; it was Santa Claus.

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