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It was my last semester in college. Finally, completing the fashion designing course was like a dream come true. I reminisce the day four years back, when I informed my mother about the choice of career I wanted to make. Everybody in the family supported me, but my mother. She was in fury. She had great expectations of me, and she was the one who've always been there with me in times of crisis. But not this time. Entering into an industry like fashion was nothing more than a stigma for the family. But after me joining college, she kind of changed. Maybe because of the laurels that I brought to the college and family, or may be it were my grades that did magic on her. And for this, I can’t thank my teachers enough for their support, for the belief they had in me.

Though during those years in college, I had one special teacher. Niharika ma’am. I was in awe of her beauty. She was young and energetic. Her charisma made the entire college frantic about her. She was the one every girl in my batch wanted to be like. And boys like me, all we wanted was to be noticed by her, at least once! Her charm manifolded with every new student in college. And above all, she was a wonderful human being. She was agile in teaching, making decisions, having a rational outlook, taking her stand when it was required, simply everything! I was lucky to have her class in the first semester.

Gradually, when I started studying her subject, I found it interesting. And of course, I had doubts in them. Which obviously I asked after the class, but due to lack of time, she advised me to mail those queries or come to her office sometime. I was more than happy. She had her own fashion website which was really popular. I started showing interest in it. She too liked me I guess. Soon, we were acquainted with each other. Next few semesters I didn't had her class, but that didn't stop us from being in touch with each other. Mails, chats, text messages was our daily ritual.

And, the sad truth was she was married since five years. And I knew it from the very beginning, yet I couldn't control what I was having inside. I think she too was falling for me. She never really said anything, but her gestures did the talking.

It was one fine day, when things really got heated up between us via messages. I didn’t realized where it was going, I didn’t know what I was texting. All I wanted was to be with her then. And that’s what she too wanted. We did talk about her marriage once, but she didn't say much. She wasn't comfortable talking about it with me obviously and even I hated to talk about her husband. As things were getting steamy between me and her, I decided not to waste more time and I reached her home. 

She was there, waiting for me. Anxiously!

She wasn't my teacher anymore and I was not her student any longer. We both just wanted to be one. I was the one holding her tight, and she, she was the one who was melting in me. Her heart beat was rising and so was mine. I don’t know if I was right or wrong, all I knew was I never wanted to stop what we were having between us. She was loosening inside me, her hands meeting mine, her hair on my shoulder, my hand on her forehead, caressing her face. I planted a kiss on her cheeks. Her eyes meeting mine, telling me to continue, continue loving her. And I obeyed them. I loved her like there’s no tomorrow. She completed me. I completed her. We didn't want that moment to come to an end. 

When I was home, back from her place, I kind of felt uncomfortable. I got a text message from her, " it was the best thing that happened in my life. Thank you so much. I was smiling".

“But she’s married dude.. come on..! wake up”

“So what? How does it matter? I never asked her to leave her husband.”

“But that’s not how it works!”

“I find solace with her, and so does she, with me. Why is that a problem?”

“Because she’s your teacher, you fool!”

“Not any more. And even if she is, she has made me learn the best lessons of life”

“For which you should be grateful to her and nothing more than that!”

“I am grateful to her. But I can’t leave her and she too don’t want to leave me”

“Fine.. your wish”


The usual battle between my mind and heart! But she was more than happy with me and I with her. 

That’s what our society don’t get. I know our relationship was rogue in the eyes of the world, but that is how we were meant to be. What can I do if she was married, or what if she herself wanted to be with me. As they truly say, all is fair in love and war! Experiencing love is the best feeling in the world and I cannot agree more. I decided to follow my heart and be in touch with her. Forever.

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