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She woke up one fine morning, and the nagging pain had disappeared. It was a tremendous relief. It looked like the new medicine was indeed effective.

The week ahead was busy.

The physiotherapist called for an appointment, but she terminated the arrangement. The waist belts, hot water bottles, therapy magnets, herbal oils all had to be stashed away. Her grandson demanded more stories and games, as he witnessed her recovery. His vacations were about to end.

The relief was short-lived, as she noticed a gnawing emptiness around her. Her husband had rediscovered energy for golf, as he slept peacefully through the night, undisturbed by her groans. The visits by her son and daughter-in-law dwindled. The grandson whose company she enjoyed was back to school. It was followed by a deluge of advice.

“Do we really need to pay domestic help with our meagre pension? I am sure you and I could share the dusting and cleaning chores.”

“Ma, the orphanage in the next block is looking for volunteers. You will enjoy getting out and about for some time. Get a life for yourself.”

“Kate, I will be visiting my son next month. Could you please water the plants in my absence?”

She was needed, and she was not needed. The equations had changed.

How she wished it was all a dream, and she still had a family hovering around her.

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