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Can Everything Be Planned?
Can Everything Be Planned?

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Naina has been the one of the brightest student in school. She was confident, participates in all curricular activities. Despite of these strengths, she was shy, a little unhealthy in terms of her physique and had the first stage symptoms of Androphobia. She did not know about her condition until she did her graduation in the field of Psychology. Studying Psychology has helped her grow as a person where she explored herself which ultimately has helped her having afunctional control over her Phobia.

Androphobia is an extreme fear of men. People having this phobia run away from men and alleviate any encounter with them. She runs away from making encounters with Male species of humans, never sits with them, if she tries, she starts sweating, palpitating and feel uneasy and uncomfortable. After the insight that she is dealing with a problem which can proven to be dysfunctional in future, she started overcoming it. But you know how it goes, you don’t go to a counsellor for therapies, because therapies are only meant for crazy people and People going for therapies will be considered out of society.

Naina belonged to a strict and conservative family where a girl is meant to do chores of the house and the only work they can do for the living is teaching because teaching is a profession which ensures a lady to reach home early and before evening. I, somehow agree to the statement empathizing the fear that the Rapists have incorporated amongst the citizens of Delhi. Everyday, 92 girls are being raped in the world and there is no way that the intentions of the rapists can be seen or analyzed. I am not supporting the fact that girls are not meant to go out and do anything they want to after evening, I am just considering the threatened minds that are building up rigid and unbreakable layer into the heads of the concerned people.

Coming back to the story, the story is about Naina, who is young, Smart but having different aspirations and opinions from her family. Naina loves her family a lot despite of the restrictions that have been put onto her. She is always been an introvert and a secretive person and never expresses her feelings to everyone. She writes it all down in her diary. Her sister is the second most being who can understand her from her face. She has been in love with a Guy she has studied with in school. She has never expressed her feelings to him. But the point is how an Androphobic symptomatic girl can encounter a man and tells him that she has feelings for him, and even if she managed to do so, how will she be able to maintain the after requirements of a romantic relationship. The story is about a girl who has taken some extreme steps to solve the problems of her life. The story is about how she aimed at overcoming her fear and how she decided on her priorities in life. The story is about love, hope and sacrifices.

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