The Call From God...

The Call From God...

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The call from God….


“Oh God, please let him answer my call…please let him answer. After months we’re finally going out on a date. He has agreed to my wishes which were more like the commands. God I’m sorry for that but please let him pick my call. I beg of you...please, please. I shall not think of it and get ready soon and then call may be. Oh God please ask him to drive faster and reach very soon.”

I remember how these months had passed. Working in different shifts, but same company. Having meals at different times because of the shifts. Hardly any calls, because of the shifts and the workload. After striving very hard, finally I could crack my freelance consulting role. After so many months, today we can have dinner together. I so much love this dress I had worn on our first anniversary. His love for black and my love for red, how beautifully combines in this dress. I missed those days and oh yes I miss him now. I shall apologize for being arrogant and rude with him for not spending time with me. But now the time has come when we together can at least have our breakfasts and dinners together. I shall call him, he better not get late.

The phone rings and finally Samuel receives it. Kiara, “Hi darling, where you at? It’s been so long. You were to pick me up by 8pm and it’s already 30min past 8. Are you stuck in the traffic?” Samuel, “No sweetheart, I’m just leaving office. Sorry had been stuck with the boss for some urgent work.” Kiara,” work again? You had promised to reach early by 7, I still agreed upon 8 in the evening. You do not value me, my feelings, my love, my wait for you. I have been waiting for this since months, we have been waiting together to spend our best of the times again. Why do you do that to me always?” Samuel, “Sweety please, don’t start it again. I have a surprise for you. Please baby wait for me I’ll reach in half an hour, get ready soon. Bye”. Kiara,” Sam…Sam, don’t you cut my phone again…Sam …… How rude of him!”

It’s been so long, that I haven’t received a call from him. It’s been more than half an hour, I hope he isn’t stuck in traffic. Kiara “Sam…where have you reached? Come soon, just drive fast, overtake and come from a service road, just don’t hit the main road. You can avoid the traffic.” Samuel, “’s too risky to do that, it’s raining here, with much of traffic. I would need more 15-20min to reach baby. Please try to understand. I prefer not to take the service road, the roads are too bad and the street lights don’t work there.” Kiara, “Chuck about it, hardly 3-4 cars go by that way, just drive in from there and come fast. Just drive fast. You have 10min to reach here, else forget our date. Bye”. Samuel, “Hey Kia…Kia, hello? Great…!”

Oh God I must stop this. He’s working all that hard for us. I shouldn’t be rude to him. But even he shouldn’t do that always. Oh God, please reach him fast.

Great, it’s been more than 15min now. He hasn’t even reached near. Kiara, “What is it with you? Where are you exactly Sam? Are you playing me?” Samuel, “Kia please, can you just stop? I’m driving here, I’m coming to you. I need time. Half of the service road is under construction. I’m just 10min away from home. Please wait.” Oh God….not again, oh yes how about I say something has happened and then he would really rush home… yea that’s good! I mean c’mon I too travelled from the same road this afternoon. It’s not that bad. I shall try this trick. Kiara, “Sam babyyyy…….ahhhhh…Sam help…….I’m collapsing…Sam…..Sam everything’s going black in front of me…baby…help…baby……” Great and here I throw my phone on a book and he would feel it fell down and I collapsed. Wow my baby will be home soon. Happy!!!

Samuel raises his car home from the same service road. He finds it difficult as the street lights don’t work, the road is under construction, there are street kids crossing and sitting on the foot path….he just hopes to reach home very soon. “Kiara…baby I hope you are fine, I’m trying to reach real soon. Chuck the car, I don’t care if this spoils the maintenance of the car…hell I’m coming home.”

Samuel was happy for this date and he had a big surprise for her but for now he was too worried and tensed. Kiara on the other end was super happy as Sam would be driving fast to reach home. Kiara had her last touch up of makeup and sat on a couch playing on her cell phone. Kiara was happy for her trick and Samuel was tensed about her.

Samuel received a mail from his boss about his promotion but a slight sound from the phone made him think it would be a call from Kiara. Without hesitating, he took out the phone and placed on his ears and suddenly screeched the brakes.

Kiara lost her patience and called him again but this time the call was received by someone else. It was a passer-by on the road. Kiara had a gush of thoughts…. who was he, why did he receive her phone, was he with Sam, is Sam cheating, what has happened? But not even for a moment she had a thought of what if he must have met with an accident! She talked to the passer-by and reality striked her hard right in her heart. Samuel was no more, he had to apply his brakes to save himself from hitting the heap of cement next by the pole but that made him loose his control over the car steering and he fell in the pit right beside the cement heap. The pit was full of construction rods and he was hit with one rod on his forehead and the other on his chest.

Kiara this time was actually about to collapse. She ran to the accident spot and found a small envelop in the car in the name of hers. After all the procedure, she sat in the hospital praying for his comeback, which was impossible. She remembered the envelop and she looked for it in her bag. She pulled it out to read. It said ‘My darling little Kia, the love of my life. After months we are having the dinner date and there’s a big surprise for you. I’m sorry I might get late for the date today as i’m getting promoted by my boss. And I’m taking my beautiful wife Kia on a beautiful romantic vacation. This is my treat for you baby….our second honeymoon with my baby, for a baby. Love… Sam.’

Kiara nearly skipped a heartbeat. She felt guilty, sorry, worst to have played that trick on him to reach home soon. No sooner she realized her prayers were answered by the God…she remembered praying ‘Oh God let Sam reach fast home, let him drive fast.’ She remembered telling Samuel to drive fast and anyhow reach soon, setting a time limit of 10 min. Now in real sense she had darkness before her eyes and in her life.

Kiara’s wish was fulfilled by God but Kiara’s call too was answered by The God. 

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