The Point Of No Return

The Point Of No Return

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Once a young couple, with their 7-year old daughter, was touring around the Sahara. The father, an archeologist had always been fascinated by these offbeat expeditions and moreover, seeing his enthusiasm resonate through her daughter added to his joy, while the mother had no choice but to join them in these 'boring' trips. Today too the daughter sat sipping on some cold rink with a straw on the backseat while the father told her all about the desert animals and the tribes and their culture while the mother fought hard not to fall asleep.They had just crossed the signboard reading: DANGER, point of no return ahead. The mother saw it through the corner of her eye but knew by experience that her husband would take up the adventure anyway. Suddenly, something caught the daughter's attention in the desert and she exclaimed "Daddy look ! An osis, an osis." 

She seemed to have already located an oasis that her father had just told her about. The dad, too excited to see it himself, stopped the jeep and got down, with his daughter beside him. The mother's shouting and calling were in vain as her daughter's giggle faded in the distance as she and her father went to inspect the 'osis'. Hours went by... The woman grew tense by every passing second. Her supplies were diminishing, there was no phone signal and her husband and daughter were not returning. Overcome with strong determination of a mother separated from her family in distress, she took on the brave journey in the Sahara to find her family. She had been walking for miles now but could see no sign of her beloved family.The dunes shifted around her and for the first time she realized the insignificance of a mere human in front of nature. Seeing how far she had come, she got an idea and dropped her bracelet on the ground so that she could be traced if she got lost and continued walking. She had not eaten anything for long. She was worried for her daughter as she walked further dropping her watch, her hairband, even her sandals now when she was left with nothing else but to remove her shirt as well. 

“Where are you David?” she shouted in the desert. “Susan baby, come back to mommy!” She wailed. But heard nothing. Now naked she walked on and on, not knowing where the path may lead. Empty inside. Famished and thirsty, losing any purpose to live. Slowly slipping into oblivion. Chanting David, Susan now till no sound escaped from her parched mouth. And she fell, naked in the hot sand, with the last signs of hope leaving her body along with her soul. Her eyes opened and she saw a straw. Her Susan's straw. Her fragile hand extended towards the piece as a tear rolled down her eye. Mommy is really sorry Susan. She should have known better than to allow this trip to take place. She should have chased them when they ran into the desert. She should have been a better mother. She should have warned her husband about the point of no return. She should have known better. She thought as the angels came down from heaven and took her away. Her body lying dead in the desert. The dunes shifted again. Erasing even the last vestige of her footprint in the desert. A family, chirpy and happy was separated at the hands of nature. It was surely, the point of no return for them.

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