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Life With A Manual
Life With A Manual

© Swati Tyagi


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“Hello sweetie, what are you up to this weekend?” Ashi texted her best friend.

“Aditya is out of town. Why?” Simmi replied.

“I was wondering if we could catch up for girls’ night.”

“Please tell me you didn’t breakup with Harsh.”

“That is why I love you so much. You always know it even before I tell you”

“I am kinda busy right now. See you at my place Friday evening.”

“Love you!”

“Ashi, your fifth boyfriend… I had a good feeling for this one.” Simmi said even before Ashi could enter.

“Fifth ex-boyfriend and I am the one who should be having good feelings.” Ashi laughed while helping herself with water.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. He wanted me to meet his family.”


“So what? I don’t know.”

“You are 32 and a physician. Harsh and you got along quite well. Most girls will want to settle down at this point.”

“But I am not one of those most girls. I saw beer in refrigerator, I am ordering pizza for dinner?”

“You cannot change the topic with that.”

“Is that all we gonna talk about. I am trying to get over him and you are not very helpful.”

“I am trying to help you with the real problem. Trust issues.”

“Tell me something I haven’t heard from you before.” Ashi said sarcastically, “Trust anyone and everyone and give them the power to break you”

“Trust no one and you are already broken.” Simmi replied with the same tone.

Ashi took the pizza while Simmi brought beer.

“Why do we have so different views about everything in life.” Simmi said with mouthful of pizza.

“Because I am smart, you are dumb. I am right, you are wrong.” Ashi replied playfully.

“People come and go in your life. The ones who are there for you, you start taking them for granted after a while. You take me for granted. Hey, go slow.” Simmi said as Ashi emptied her second beer and opened the third one.

“After all, you have nothing better to do than to be with me when I need you. But you nag a lot.” Ashi laughed carelessly.

“That’s because you make so many mistakes. You will regret it someday.”

“And you on the other hand will regret missing all the fun, due to NOT making mistakes.”

Both of them were laughing by now.

“You give up on every relation too soon. I am telling you, you will die alone.” Simmi said.

“And you are clinging to your stupid boyfriend. I am telling you, you have already forgotten what you deserve.”

“Hey!! That stupid boyfriend is my husband now. Probably I deserve a better best friend who remembers that.” Simmi laughed.

“1 beer and you are already look drunk” Ashi giggled.

“Look at you. 3 beers and you forget I am married and I am drunk.”

“Why did you have a full crate in refrigerator?”

“You said you wanted a girls’ night. I spiced it up.”

“You know hours spent in fighting can be used in creating beautiful memories.” Ashi said in a serious tone.

“These words don’t sound nice when they fall from your mouth. Plus, we don’t fight only when we are drunk.” Simmi said wondering, “Why can’t we ever agree on something?”

“Even what we learnt in our medical college is opposite. I suggest people to eat small meals at small intervals while as a dentist you suggest not to eat at small intervals. A single bite is as bad for teeth as a full four course meal.” Ashi replied pretending to be wise.

“We are both right in our own ways. What should we really follow?”

“Life should come with a manual.”

“Yes, a personalized manual for everyone.” Simmi replied.

“It will be so boring. You have the habit of taking fun out of everything.” Ashi sounded disappointed.

“Hey!!” Simmi said, “why me? You suggested life with a manual.”

“That was a sarcasm sweetheart.”

They were both laughing.

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