The Volcano

The Volcano

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The giants at heart do not stop their resistance. They keep the warmth of resistance preserved so that they may forge something inside. They work hard to find things to build the pressure. Every little burst of feeling is kept suppressed. And then they redirect it to the place where they want the pressure to be built. It the dark, keeping the silence undisturbed they work tirelessly for creating something great.

But that is not all that they do.

They create a deceptive world over the visible horizon. They give the calm and serene beauty that over time becomes the key to everyone’s existence. They populate this outer shell with support and warmth. Keeping their hands in the lustful behavior, they attract everyone and everything to the power they may yield it in their favor. They maintain their taste and savors to keep everyone engaged and focused to something that is just a diversion. At least for them.

And then the time comes. They at last succeed in creating the unthinkable. They let their selves go in the direction that they have targeted with focus. For a very long time. Justifying for every little sacrifice. Keeping everything dear to him away in the manner that remains most painful memories. To create the burst that they required to throw back the heat and the pressure they have created over centuries. Execute the swing with such precision that it cuts the deepest; through the heart. Removing every small thing. Every little thing suggesting hope and life.

And all in all, they execute patience and perseverance in every task that almost everyone forgets.

Everyone forgets that even something like this calm, serene, patient, careful, supportive, and loving could be someone that is so treacherous in its behavior.

Evil at heart.

And that it creates just to destroy, again, and again, and again.

And that is only what its purpose has been all along.

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