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Mika Singh And Me
Mika Singh And Me

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“Baby tell me, how much how much? Baby tell me how much how much…fir sari raat ishq kara”

As I take my morning shower, Mika Singh croons to his ‘beloved’ on TV. He is specifically asking her how much she is going to charge him for making love to her for a night. Such a romantic thought! Who thought you could buy that! Oh wait, she is a prostitute! Or at least he thinks he can buy her off! Wow! So easy! Coz he has a lot of papa’s money and money, so nothing could apparently be out of budget or out of reach, whether it’s a car or it’s a woman.

Being 5 months pregnant and wondering everyday if it’s a boy or a girl, I suddenly wish my daughter shouldn’t born in this time. I don’t want any men thinking that her love can be priced and bought for a night. I certainly don’t want her selling any of it. But it is not Mika Singh, I am sure he did not write the lyrics, I am hoping so. So many other Singhs out there, and so many men judging women every day, it gets difficult to stay a sane woman, when the entire society is expects you to be a dumb blonde.

And then we talk about commodification of women. I do not even wish to start about it. But yes, at times I wish, to not to have a daughter, just to save her the trouble of being a woman. But then, I think, voila, society needs more women like me!!

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