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Love At First Night
Love At First Night

© Ashutosh Goyal

Abstract Drama Classics

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"Where is grandmaa?" She asked. "She is in your father's room." Her mother answered. She was dressed in a red and beautiful sari, matching blouse, some jewelries and a beautiful necklace. She was the bride and tomorrow was her marriage. She was a little worried about something. "Grandmaa!" "My baby, how are you feeling?" Grandmother asked affectionately. "Grandmaa, help me. I don't know what to do. I am feeling very nervous." She was panting. "What is troubling my child?" "Wedding night. I still don't feel comfortable." She was as nervous as it was her wedding night right there, right then. "Oh! sure my child will feel comfortable. He won't hurt you. He is your husband. You have right on him as much he does. Don't fear baby." Her grandmother put her head on her bosom and caressed her hairs. "I know, but still. I feel like I never face that night. What happened with you Grandmaa?" She asked. "Well my child, my wedding night was the most beautiful night I remember." Grandmother looked above as she caressed her. "No, no dear. Nothing as such happened as you think." "My wedding was an arrange marriage. I hadn't met properly with your grandfather till then. It was old times." Grandmother continued to look above at the roof. "When did you fall in love grandpaa?" she curiously asked. "On my first night. I fell in love with him on our wedding night." Grandmother smiled. "Really! can you tell me how?" She became more curious. "Of course my dear, I would." Her grandmother kissed at her forehead. "I was sitting on my bed with my toes curled and knees bend. My fingers were curled in to make a fist. I was as nervous then as you are now. I didn't know what was going to happen. Your grandfather came inside. He was nothing like a very proud as a man should be on his wedding night upon his achievement. He came quietly and sat beside me with toes curled. He didn't even lift my sari over my head. He didn't utter a word. He gave me a necklace, as a wedding night present. It was very beautiful. Your grandfather was apparently more nervous than me. His hands were shaking as he gave it to me. He had to hold my laughter but I couldn't help my smile. He couldn't even look me into my eyes. That situation was very amusing for me. He took my smile as I was happy for his present. He smiled in return. I had known other boys. They would try to show that they are brave, who would do things to impress me. But your grandfather was different. He didn't force me to do anything. He didn't touch me. I thought he wasn't sure that I would like him touching me or not. He was giving me my space. I liked this thing in him. He just sat there with his toes curled and his eyes were like drilling through floor. But I knew that it was inevitable, so one of us had to take the initiative. We both were waiting for each other to make a move. But that skinny, shy, nervous guy just there tried to touch my fingers with his fingers, it was the first time he touched me. I pulled back my fingers. After then he didn't touch me. Just sitting and doing nothing, I thought of going in Bathroom and change into night dress, maybe than he would make a move by seeing me in a little open. As I went there, I unknowingly left my bathroom door open. I was changing and suddenly I heard door crack voice. I remembered me leaving the door open. I thought he would come in and will start to do it like other men, and at that moment I had only one piece of cloth on me. I was scared, but I made myself prepared for his legal barging into the bathroom. But he was a gentleman. He closed the door from outside. I felt safe in his company. When I came out of bathroom, He had changed into his night dress too, a simple gentleman's dress. And He had drunk the milk which I forgot to offer him. I felt embarrassed for that. But my husband there was a gentleman. I began to like him. Me being a princess of my father, I was clearly nervous upon encountering another most important man in my life. He would treat me in different way. He would use me as object, I thought. But in front of me there was a gentleman, whose courage might be not so big, but he surly had a big heart. A heart big enough in which, I could live comfortably. Then I was fully prepared whatever was going to happen to him. As a wedding night what else could have happened. But I underestimated your grandfather. That man there was fully prepared for what he was going to do." "What happened then Grandmaa? Did you do it?" Her eyes were opened widely in wonder and curiosity. "aaahhh. You underestimated him too dear. Somehow he made some enquiry about me in my family, and he brought my favorite movie. He asked that he would like to watch that movie with me. I was awed. I felt affection for him. It was impossible for me to say no. It was very hard to break such a big heart. We sat there in the bed as movie was started. I was surprised to see my favorite movie. I sat close to me. During the movie he put his hand on my shoulder. And I put my head on his chest. It was pure love. We lay there for hours like that. He was caressing my shoulder slowly. We slept together. In mid night when I woke-up, my head was still on his chest and his hand was on my shoulder. I remembered my childhood, when I was a princess of my father. I used to sleep with him like this. My head on his big strong chest and his hand on my shoulder. I felt same love in his arms. He was asleep. He was looking very innocent but not handsome. And at that moment I fell in love with him." "Wow. I didn't know that a wedding night can actually be so much romantic." She was full of wonder. "Yes, indeed it was. It was romantic more than erotic. I slept with him, my head on his chest. Next morning when we woke up, your grandfather there didn't know that he won a lady's heart in one night. He didn't forced that heart, he gave it a big space and left in it to roam. But that space was dark and his heart was only bright spot in it. My naive heart followed it. And like this dear, I fell in love with your grandfather." She looked in her granddaughter's eyes. "You found the best man that night. Grandpaa is actually is such a good person. I wish if my future husband would be like him or not. I don't know how he would behave with me." She was still nervous. "That I don't know dear. But I know that he came to me in this afternoon." She said. "He did? What did he say? Please tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me na....." She was becoming impatient. "He asked me for your favorite movie." His grandmother smiled as she caressed her hairs. "WHAT... yeay." She hugged her grandmother as her grandmother laughed and hugged her back.

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