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Positive Vs Negative Thoughts
Positive Vs Negative Thoughts

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Once there lived a poor family in a village. There was a matchbox in their hut containing only 2 matchsticks. The poor family was sleeping at night. Suddenly the match sticks got life, came out of the matchbox and were talking about themselves.

The second asked the first, " what can you do in your life time?".Then the first answered "I can give light to this entire house", and lit the lamp and died. Suddenly there was a heavy breeze and the door of the hut got open and the lamp started flickering.

The owner of the hut woke up by the sound of the door and observed that the lamp is about to go off and put his hands to protect the lamp glow further, then closed the door and went to sleep. The other stick laughed seeing this and said "that what's your greatness in this you are capable only to give lighting to this hut but I am capable of giving light to this entire village just see the magic". Then it lit the hut and laughed loudly. Few seconds later there was heavy rain fall which put off the fire.

So the moral of this story is negative thoughts will never succeed. So it is always good to think positive and be positive.

And some times negative thought may give instant result and in long run it always yields negative results only.

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