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A Moment With Her
A Moment With Her

© Raiza Kadheeja


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Murmurs I ignored, Laughter I walked through...

Clowns I have fought with the sword made of my words.

I am standing on top of the ocean rocks. The breeze was cold enough to send me shivers. I pondered what would happen if I took a leap from here?

Would not they call me a coward? Or see me as a sinner? as I die against the mighty will of God. Are not they the reason why we all die?

I stared at the waves, who were perplexed.. as if it was hard for them to decide whether or not to kill those who kill her.

When it is too much for her to bear she leashes the beast of waves upon us. And right now it is too much for me to bear hence I decide to color the blue red and turn it into a lilac scenery for everyone to awe and pity upon.

Is that what I want?! Pity? I shook my head to myself thinking of something I never want to get.

I sat down where there were creepers with phosphorescent flowers peeking through the rocks. I grabbed them and tied them around my arms playfully. For one day, If I would stay here late, they would become a part of my chocolate colored skin.

I leaned back against the hard rock. I saw the sky becoming purple and crimson. I found happiness in her beauty. I felt joy in her quietness as the rumbling sound of the ocean pleased me.

With my mind made, I rose from where I had dozed off, tiny leaves in my curly hair and those beautiful weeds.

A moment with the nature brought change in me, she made me brave to live through the circumstances in my life than to run away from it. A moment with the ocean changed my perspective on life, for what mattered was not the ugly words of the corrupt but the beauty in the weeds I have found, the ocean, the salt and sand.

I have become stronger and prettier than before, no matter what they said, as I walked back to my hut.

And this is how I saved myself.

It is never too late.

You will also feel magical... If you stay with her for a moment.

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