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College Life
College Life

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Holy shit I am late for the class now what am I gonna do, sir will not allow me to enter the class.. I murmur to myself.. Sophia.... I shout, I dont understand what does this girl do in the washroom for so long. Finally she comes out. What took you so long, we are 15 minutes late for the class. I almost shout on her. She looks at me amusingly and I give her a skeptikal look and then she starts laughing hysterically and I was just looking at her questioningly. After a minute when she was done with what I would call is her laughing session, tears starts rolling of her cheeks because of continous laughing and I was just standing there arms folded then she finally tries to hold back her laughter and speaks you.... are .... wearing.... twahato... I gave her a confused look. then she told pointing towards me you are wearing two different coloured stalkings , are you planning to go like this today? She again continous laughing. it takes me a second to sunk in what she said and then I look down.. Then she speaks in the middle of her laughter grow.....up......Serenity..... I was beyond embrassed by now. I quickly go go and change,I told her.

We were finally on our way to the college. I was just remembering mornings incident and because of that I was just missing my family specially my mom. 

Hey, mom what are you doing? I quickly speak as soon as I saw her peeking in my closet. She speaks without looking at me. I am trying to find a suitable outfit for you that you can wear today. I nod and quickly get in the washroom when I came back I saw a black tank top paired with skinny jeans and zebra printed scaff and matching boots. As soon as I saw those clothes , a smile covers my face and I mentally salute my mom for an amazing fashion sense. Then I quickly change because I was getting late for my friends birthday. Then I run to my mom in the kitchen and hug her tightly and say thank you for everything, you are the best mom in the world.. 

Sophia was talking continuously and when she realises that I was not listening she shakes me and asks are you okay ? I nod and give her a guinine smile she again continuous with her stories of her boyfriend which I was least interested in because honestly I dont like that boy,I think she deserves much better. We finally reach to the college , I quickly check the time then I bid a goodbye to Sophia as she was in eng honours and I was in chemistry honours. I head straight towards my locker and pack my bag for today, then I head towards my first lecture which was calculus. I wonder which teacher give so much work on first day. While I was busy with my thoughts I fell on the floor because I collided with wall, I started picking up my things but when I look up and saw a very angry Jason staring at me then I realised that I was not collided with a wall but rather it was Jasons chest. He was wearing white T-shirt with playboy written over it and black jeans he was looking so hot he placed his hand on my shoulder and I quickly stop staring at him and stand up, I was about to thank him but he cuts me what the fuck is your problem, cant you see people walking around, are you blind? he spoke and the words sunk in me very slowly then my blood starts boiling and I said what do you think of yourself you stupid asshat? is it your fathers corrider,that you can walk around anywhere and then point out other peoples mistake it was your fault you dickhead.. I took deep breath and rock on my heels and head toward my classroom. I saw many people staring at me ,I realised that I have gained lots of attension today by insulting most popular guy, the captain of football team,that arrogant abstard how can he be so hot? I dont understand why god waiste his looks on these people. Luckily, sir was absent I move to the library then my whole day passed like that.. 

Weakend has arrived soon, Sophia,Ally and Edna decided to have a sleepover in my room so i was busy preparing snacks for them, there was a knock and I move to open the door and I was greeted by all of them.. We chatt for a long time then we decided to play some games so we end up playing truth and dare where, Sophia was made to act like a monkey, Ally was made to walk like men with full style and attitude, we were enjoying then the bottle stopped in front of me and all of them starts passing an evil smirk, I pass a questioning look to them then Edna speak you have to steal.. Jasons.. boxers.. she said it with so much excitment.. I end up standing infront of Jasons house and planned to go through his window... I was searching for his boxer which was difficult as there was totally dark but I keep on searching and I find them in his drawers I was about to leave when suddenly the door opens and Jason and Henry both were standing there with a shocked expression but when they saw the boxers in my hand Jason move closer to me with smirk on his face, if you were so desperate for me, you should have told me .. there was no need to steal my boxers..  I was so embarassed that no word escape my mouth and I jump out of the window and ran towards my hostel room....

1 week has passed after that incident thank god exams have started and there was total dark that he doesnt remember my face I was not able to face him but whenever he saw me he had a suspicion that I was that only girl who stole his boxers.... Exams went so fast that I didnt realised. My friends and I decided to have a girls day out so we decide to go for shopping and then clubbing it was a lot of fun but it was tiring..

From tomorrow our mid semester break was starting so I decided to go back home. I was packing my bag when my phone starts vibrating with an unknown caller Id, hello, yes whose this.... but.. there should be a way... but sir try to understand...ok bye.. Sophia entered who was that? she ask. It was a call from my agent he told me that my flight tickets are cancelled due to heavy snowfall so I cant go back home in this vacation . I told her. I was sad, Sophia told me its okay we went to the park, I saw Jason he stopped infront of me and then with a smirk passes me. I was left there confused. But then I quickly forgot about him and walk towards my hostel room....

Vacations are over I didnt even realised it was so fast, I finished all my work, projects, assignment... Today our test results are going to announce I was nervous, so I told Sophia to check my result.. She came back after 5 min bouncing I asked her what happened? you scored the highest marks, Serenity.... she told me, I was shocked I quickly go and check my results from notice board and I actually scored the highest marks, everyone there congratulated me I was so happy. I was about to call my parents when my teachers called me.. Everyone was happy with my performance but our calculus teacher he told me that my paper was same as that of Jasons paper so we both have to give a retest... My happiness is quickly gone by that news and I walk out with sad expression then Jason stopped me can we study together for the exam? I mean we have to clear same exam so can we study together? he asked firstly I was confused but then I agreed and we decided to study in library after class. we have same classes thats why it was easy for us to manage our time. 

We end up solving sums of calculus in library. You were the one who stole my boxers that day, isnt it? Jason suddenly asks and my heart beat races and I stop doing my work, I decided to tell him the truth. Yes I was the one who stole your boxers, but that was for some reason because I got a dare of stealing your boxer..I am sorry I actually didnt want to do that but it was a dare and I never loose my dare.. I am sorry.. I spoke it, he looks at me amazingly and then he starts laughing and told me its ok, you are so cute, let it be.. then he smiles like a guinine smile. I also smile a little then we start again with our work.. 1 week passed and we have given our exam and now we both are waiting for our results outside the staffroom. In this whole week I was actually attached to Jason, he was a great guy, I didnt expect that he will open up with me this much in such a short period of time, he is so cool. I was busy with my own thoughts when sir called us in staffroom and actually he appreciated us so much which I didnt expect at all but we actually made it and we did so well I am actually proud of myself.. we both came out from staffroom, lets celebrate, lets go for a movie Jason blurts out and I agreed to it....  


3 years had passed I didnt even realised that college life will end so soon. There was a time when I was sad, when I enjoyed, when I missed my family,my hometown, me and Jason had become bestest friends and in these 3 years we have grown closer to each other.. Now its time for our farewell we were all ready to get graduated....... All of us have got our degrees.. Jason came to me running hey, what arer you reading? he asked. I showed him my diary and told him that this is my diary which I started writting when I came here...so I am just remebering the days... He smiled and holds my hand, I give her a confused look we are leaving,everyone is waiting for us there come lets go.. I nod and starts moving but he suddenly stops me and hugs me I was surprised but quickly recovers and hugs him back I will miss you so much dont ever forget me otherwise I will kill you... and miss me with same amount of affection my 'BOXER THIEF' then he starts laughing... Okay my arrogant dickhead I told him, then we all bid our farewells and then we throw our caps in full excitement...



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