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Silence Is Another Name Being In True Love?? - Part 2
Silence Is Another Name Being In True Love?? - Part 2

© Sruti Dhara Mohanty


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The Day of matrimony came.

With very less demeanor, the wedding took place. All the relatives, nearest kith and kin, friends were invited. They felt gratified for Ankita transforming from a bride to a mother in a day. They were pleased that Abhinav is no longer disheartened with the loss of his wife, Trishna.

Ankita was calm to some extent for her wish for a child, was rewarded, although it wasn’t from her. Disha unknown of her biological mother was slumbering favorably in the arms of Ankita.

Usually, the wedding nights are the blissful and the best night of the brides and bridegroom, but this was different. Although, Abhinav and Ankita respected each other for being each other’s confidante of life, but the love was missing. Rather one would say it was latent, concealed in the corners of the heart of two reserved persons.

Ankita didn’t have to envisage any more how she can lead a life with someone who doesn’t express their emotional state, where the emotions had organized the flow, fashioned a dam over the brook of emotions and have been quieter.

But how long can this barrier stop the riverine? Days? Weeks? Months? Or Years?

Someday this barrage was meant to be broken. Not by own self, but the person who is loved so tenderly yet so wordlessly by the heart.

Disha was unconditionally loved by Ankita. All the maternal love had been dispensed into her by Ankita. Ankita knew she will be only mother to Disha. But she never asked or even expected for anything from Abhinav.

Both had been living a life of a remarkable couple, not like love birds but as a reticent yet matured and responsible family people. They balanced work and family life very well. No one from their parents even expected to have another child. The rest was unidentified.

Don’t be sad my readers, Love is so powerful that it doesn’t know any barriers. If the field is fertile and the circumstances are suitable, the crops would harvest in a superlative way. We already know the meadow of Abhinav and Ankita’s heart is still bountiful with all perfect emotions. All we need is the exact time.

Abhinav although had never discussed about his feelings, somewhere his respect for Ankita had developed to next level. He cared for her. He even never questioned Ankita’s decisions for Disha. Abhinav had enough faith on Ankita. But gradually, he felt he was being unjust for Ankita. He thought that she left all her dreams, all her hopes for her husband, she agreed to marry him, justifying the role of a wife and a mother. She isn’t questioning her stature in his eyes. 

He felt guilty, thinking, “Did I spoil her life, by making her mother of my child? Am I being selfish? I loved Trishna, and I know she is happy in the heavens that the apple of her eye  is well nurtured by Ankita. But, will she allow me to live once more? Will I justify Trishna‘s love if I give the same share to Ankita?“

With these everyday questions, he was tormented thinking to whom the justice was denied and to whom should it be provided?

Ankita started sensing the turmoil in Abhinav’s mind. She thought to ask him. But something stopped her.  The silence, the distance was too much for both of them to talk over about themselves. Being in three years of marriage, the discussions was only for Disha, day to day and work. Nothing more.

This rift always caused the thoughts to stop at some point when it came to talking about themselves. It was not like Ankita didn’t think of herself. She sometimes questioned the dream she saw. The dream of the nobleman with the child. Although the first part came true, what about the second part?

“The love, the moisture in his eyes, the want for me. Only me was that only what I always dreamt of, I wanted.”

She would never be able to question herself more as she was all busy with Disha, household, and the office work. The nights were the only time, where she just looks over her sleeping husband, with numerous questions unanswered, yet the tranquility prevailed.

Life and age were running out, so running her own dreams out of herself. But then she stopped thinking. Because she knew it would be only the barrier between her motherly love and her duties as Mrs. Abhinav Dikshit.

Sixteen years of marriage had been passed. And Disha was grown into a young enthusiastic adult. Unlike other youth of her age, she was very obedient, studious and a beautiful adolescent. Undoubtedly she looked more like Ankita then her birth mother.

Her contemplations, her philosophies reflected the best teachings a mother can give to her child. Although Disha knew by this time that, Ankita is not her birth mother, but she respected her as own. She understood her Ma had sacrificed all a girl dreams of, with zero expectations from her Dad. She decided to do something for her parents.

One day, Disha asked Ankita, “Ma, what is love?”

Ankita happy to see her daughter’s curiosity, just answered,

“A feeling very divine, yet unseen.”

Another day again she asked her dad, “Ma says love is unseen and divine, do you have the same notion like her?”

Abhinav pleased with Disha’s curiosity and well taught by Ankita says, “Off course your Ma is right”

Suddenly out of nowhere, Disha asked again

“So you have the same feeling for Ma?”

Abhinav casually but unknowingly answered, “Yeah”

At the same time Ankita, hearing this stood motionless, shocked. She didn’t understand what to feel. Abhinav realized what he said, and before he would react, he saw Ankita standing there speechless and astounded. He understood what he just said and Disha smiled and went away giving this space of newly revealed confession with no intentions.

Abhinav didn’t know what to say and Ankita didn’t understand what to react on. They stood looking at each other, like never before. 16 years have passed they never hold any chance, either with any intent to look at each other this way. Although their soul knew that they have grown from just respecting each other to loving each so much selflessly.

They both never believed in questioning each other’s sentiment because they never sought to hurt each other in any way. Such was the extent. Yet they never conveyed their feelings to each other.

It felt like all the reveries Ankita saw have come true on one side. But the question with which Ankita has been thinking about is rebuking all the emotions which want to flow.

“Abhinav unknowingly said this, which doesn’t mean he actually loves me? Does he love me?”

In those moments of hundreds of questions between Abhinav and Ankita, they just looked on to each other. And the saga of love essentially instigated...

To be continued…

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