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Mother Earth
Mother Earth

© Jisha Rajesh

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Sarpanch Dhaniram was more than happy when a factory was set up in his village as it assured job, money and a life of comfort for the villagers. Little did he know, that it was only the beginning of the destruction of his village. To construct the building of the factory, they needed a piece of land. The trees were cut down and a fertile piece of land was given to the owners of the factory at a very cheap price. Soon, the factory began functioning and the ill effects began to show up. Due to felling of the trees, the rainfall decreased the following year. The factory drew up all the underground water leaving the villagers to perish. All their cattle and the birds who dwelt on the trees died leaving them all shocked. The crops dried without the rain and the whole village was on the verge of perishing. The smoke emitted from chimneys of the factory caused various health problems to the villagers and they had to be hospitalized.

It was the doctor at the hospital who told them about the ill effects brought about by the factory. Dhaniram and the villagers protested against it and got it closed. They spent an entire year planting as much trees as they could. The next year, they got the rain and their cattle as well as their crops got a new life. The village got rid of the pollution and greenery spread its wings in the village once again.

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