Unlike Every Love Story

Unlike Every Love Story

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It was when he first saw her. Just an eye contact. He didn't even notice she exists. He was busy with his friends on usual bases and didn't know that what he just took a glance of could be his life. They never saw each other in years.


Days passed, months turned into years. Nothing happened. One day he had a view, a view so beautiful, he could admire for life. In a crowd of hundreds he can stare at just one face. He couldn't stop staring until he realised she saw him looking at her. That was the girl he saw years back and didn't even care to notice. 


Fortunately he took a chance. They became friends, friendship that made him look at the world with a whole different view. He used to look at her and smile like a kid smiling for his favourite chocolate. He was so in love but was scared to admit. An idea of losing her kept him bounded from expressing his love.


Years passed, They got close, He proposed, she turned him down. He was scared of losing her. The only words he could manage to speak were, "This was what I felt for you and I don't expect the same from you. This was just for my assurance as, in future, I might not regret not speaking up my feelings for you. It doesn't matter to me if we are in a relationship or not. All that matters is just you, you being on my side at every point of my life."  While in tears she said, "I was always afraid of this happening to our friendship, all I can say is I'll be there for you in the hardest time. I won't leave."


It's been five years. She never explained and he never bothered asking because all he wanted was her presence and the relation was never a matter of concern for him. 


- Love doesn't always hurt you the most when turned down. It takes much more strength in being aside each other even when you know you can't be together.

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