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The House – A Ghost Story
The House – A Ghost Story

© Parth Toroneel


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To buy the house in the apartment, Aakash went over every corner. He liked the arrangement and convenience of every room and space of balcony. The house owner, Rajneeshbhai, was living in the same house nearby. Akash went in and told him that he liked the house and wants to buy it.

"That’s great, Mr. Aakash. Before you buy the house I want to clarify one thing." He said, after taking a sip of tea.


"Six months before a rented family was living here. One woman had committed suicide by hanging herself. After that incident, that family moved away from here, after that incident the house has been closed for six months."

"Rajneeshbhai, in everyone's house someone dies, and in that what's wrong with this house? Such a nice house is very difficult to get in this area. My decision to take this house is final..."

"That’s good! Now I don’t have any problem, but it’s my responsibility to let you know about it."

"Yes, but Rajneeshbhai, I do not believe in any supernatural things..."

"Even though, it’s my duty to inform you. We have never opened the house after they were gone..."

Akash nodded and then asked, "Can we start organizing the goods from tomorrow?"

"Yes, of course! Whenever you feel right. Now the house is yours..." said with a formal smile.

Aakash smiled too and went out of the house. He pressed the switch of the lift, and said, "By the way, Rajniashbhai, thank you for calling the maid to clean the house!"

Rajneeshbhai’s face got pale hearing his words. Smile evaporated and seriousness climbed on his face.

"Tell her about the regular work of the house. My wife is 4 months pregnant."

"Which woman are you talking about?" He walked two steps ahead of the main door and asked seriously.

"Just now I was looking in every room, that lady in a white gown was cleaning the ceiling fan of the bedroom."

"Holy God! I have not called any woman to clean the house." dots of perspiration exuded on his forehead.

"What…?” Aakash shocked, “…then who was cleaning the ceiling fan…? W-was that d-dead woman’s….” as he said… a screeching throaty voice entered in their eardrum. Closed door opened an inch with creaking noise; both turned their head at the door in a slow motion. Terror was grinding inside their chest. From an inch opened door gap, a vulture eye of the dead woman was staring and grinning at them. Her dreadful face was covered with disheveled dark hair. She shrieked in a throaty voice, “I LIVEEE HEREEEE…!! STAAAAY AWAAAAAY…!!”

* * *

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