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My Dad's Pride
My Dad's Pride

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I remember a friend of my father who had been pretty vocal about my flunking of colleges regularly. When I flunked my engineering and just passed a general degree course he could not stop crowing about the fact his daughter would soon be a graduate engineer.

I finally landed up in a job offered by a renowned IT / ITeS company in their BPS division as a graduate trainee while the daughter of my dad's friend continued with her engineering course. In a span of three years I got couple of promotions and become a Team Manager and relocated to one of the cities in South India. I did not have any opportunity to bump into my father's friend till a couple of weeks back when he came to the house warming ceremony of my newly bought flat.

His daughter cleared her engineering a year after but industry had a hit with recession due to multiple factor including fall of Brexit and US Visa Ban etc. She wasted almost an year searching for IT job however finally secured an entry level tech job in my organization, she is now working as a team member in my organization while I am working as a team manager a few levels above her. Now every time I meet her Dad tell him how the organization is growing that is a matter of time his daughter will also be promoted as a Team Manager.

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