RRAJ - Untold Story

RRAJ - Untold Story

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The beginning was very dull and scary.. We all started with our grad college where there were completely new faces.. New rules.. New dresses... And yes it was a girls college.

They all were standing outside the college.. Some with their old friends or some newly made friends.

We all got to our classes i.e: B. Com (Pass) where I found a group of 10-11 people sitting together and I also sat among them but one of the faces was very similar to my profile and religion. We both sat together with one of my school friend Garima.

We introduced ourselves and started chatting..till then our seniors came to our classes for ragging... Oh yes that was the dangerous part where I was very scared. They told me to act in front of the whole class but was not that appreciable.

Days went by... And our group of 10-11 gals came down to 7 and then finally 3 ie: Jincy Jose Garima and me.

Again days went by... And one gal came to our gang and her name was agustina... I specially made joke of her because of her hair... Hahah.. Oh yes that was very funny.

Then yes our group completed. We were finally 4 and like others we bunked classes... We ate like anything.. We watched movies every thursdays and move on to our homes.

We completed our grad. And then Jin and me started a course of proffessional banking where we both got a guy.

He was Raghav - Handsome and quite guy. Our bond got stronger and stronger day by day but on the other hand aug had also started a course in Frankfin as she wanted to enter the aviation sector as an air hostess.

We both got our base and started learning about the course.

One year gone by jin was placed with kotak.. Raghav was placed with City Union Bank but I was left far behind.

All started their journey of jobs but I was left at home waiting for my result.

But finally I also got placed with HDFC Bank and one more good new was that aug was also placed with Indigo as an air hostess finally and now we have crossed more than 5 years of together ness where we have fought a lot with each other ...cried on each other shoulders and this bond will be forever and ever and that's why the title says as RRAJ an untold story.

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