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One Last Chance
One Last Chance

© Devika Singh

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

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I always wanted to pursue engineering but my parents forced me to attain UPSC examination. They aspired for me to be an IAS officer but it was way beyond my imagination. I tried to convince them and prepared myself for the engineering entrance test. I cracked the JEE with a very good rank and got placed in one of the top engineering college in India. It was a dream come true. Students from all over India give their best shot to study in this college. I had chosen software engineering .It was my first day in campus and I was looking for the classroom. Suddenly I clashed with a bunch of seniors and they started taking my class. We all know how ragging works in engineering and medical college. They asked me to introduce myself with adding a word to it that would entertain them. So I told “my name is Devika  Jara hatke” I hail from Bhubaneswar jara hatke, and they all started laughing at me. I was too scared of ragging as I had heard so many cases in news that students commit suicide...loose mental stability etc. But I gathered all my courage and faced them with confidence. After a long drilling session they let me go and I could feel a sense of relief. I entered my classroom packed with students from all over India. Then walking through the row I was looking for a seat for myself when I heard a voice from behind saying “ You can sit with me “.Her name was Sonia she was one of the cutest amongst all other girls in the classroom. I still remember she wore one yellow color salwar kameez. All boys glued their eyes on her but she ignored. We attended the class together and after the class got over she asked me if I could accompany her to the cafeteria. As we both were new to that place we hardly knew where the cafeteria was, so we somehow managed to reach the place and had nice cup of coffee. We spoke a lot in the first meeting as if we knew each other since childhood. And to our surprise we were roommates as well in the hostel. Gradually our friendship grew stronger and we knew everything about each other. Sonia had a bf who was our senior and our common friend. We all hanged out together and spent amazing time with each other.

Time flies quickly... we started to prepare ourselves for the campus interview. I and Sonia did really well and got selected for two different companies’ .Soon our Engineering got over and we both looked towards building a good career in our respective company .Finally we were software engineers! We pursued our dreams and became what we had aspired to.

I really worked hard towards my other goal to work abroad. At some point of time many of us would love to go abroad and work there. Many things out there attract us .Finally I got an opportunity to work on an onsite project for 6 months in New York. The apartments there were very expensive but somehow I managed to get one. The rooms had wooden flooring with all facilities to avail. I was very excited to work in my new company with all white people around. I felt a sense of inferiority as I was not white nor I had that American accent. Sometime I would find it very difficult to understand what exactly they are trying to convey. Nearly working for 2 months I got a call from Sonia. We had not spoken for a while as she was quite busy in her work so was I. She surprised me saying that she was shifting to New York for her job and she asked me if she could stay with me. I was like “u don’t have to ask me just come over “. As I was alone there I would have someone to accompany me. It would be fun I thought in my mind. I had mailed her the address with all required details so that she would not have any issue finding the apartment. It was not that far from the World Trade Centre the twin towers.

I was very happy to see her after a long time .She had become little thin as she was dieting but she looked much prettier. She told me that she and her bf had broken up as he was cheating on her.

I empathized with her and told her to forget everything and have a new start. She had her office in the World Trade Centre on the  30th floor. I was like wow that’s incredible. It was few blocks away from our apartment.

Our office timings were quiet similar so we used have our dinner together…go out for shopping in weekends and enjoyed our life to the fullest. Sonia told me that there is this guy named Ryan in her office whom she liked but never had the guts to tell him. She described that Ryan was 6feet 3 inch tall well-built and cute to look at. They always had an eye contact with each other but never had the courage to go and speak to each other. Somehow Ryan managed to speak to Sonia and asked for dinner and she could not say no to him.

Is it a date? I inquired but she was skeptical about it. She wore one knee length frock and looked fabulous. They both went out together and had a great time. Sonia was in love with Ryan .She was a very matured girl and I learnt a lot from her .She was a friend, philosopher and guide to me. I got to know what real friendship was.

I still remember it was September 10th and I was too tired and bugged up from office. The work pressure was so high that I could not take it and at the same time my salary had been delayed as a result I had to listen few things from the owner. It was a bad day a very bad day in fact. When I reached home I saw Ryan and Sonia in my bedroom. I was taken back .I could not think of anything what exactly was happening. Sonia used to ask me everything but she didn’t inform me that she was bringing Ryan home. I made a frowning face and left the flat. I returned after 1 hour and by that time Ryan had left. I and Sonia had a very bad argument and I completely lost it. I just blabbered whatever came to my mouth; Tears fell from her eyes and I asked her to leave the flat immediately without even thinking where she will go. I was not in my senses. We should never speak when we are angry and the words once spoken cannot be taken back. It takes a long time to build that trust and friendship and I spoiled everything in that one hour. Shame on me...And by the time I realized it was too late. I tried calling her in her cell but it was switched off. I didnt have Ryan’s number either. I just prayed to god for her safety.

The next day around 9 o clock I got up hearing people shouting outside the apartment .I peeped outside the window and I could see people running here and there for help. First I could not connect what exactly was happening and why there was so much of chaos. And then I saw that one of the WTC tower was falling apart. Suddenly I recall that Sonia is working there in the same building. I ran to get my phone and there were 6 miss calls from Sonia and her parents with one voice msg. I tried calling back the number but it was switched off. When I heard the voice message I was shaken .It was the voice of Sonia. She said “There is this plane which has hit the tower and we all employees are stuck and I am not finding any way to come out of the building  ... I guess this would me my last voice mail to you ..I just wanted to say sorry and I didn’t mean to hurt you. Miss u a lot take care. After listening to the voice mail “I stood like a statue. I just wanted to press a rewind button and take back my words... those harsh words which made her sad and she cried because of me. I wish I could turn around the time and get her back. I cried like anything. Then I called her parents and informed them about Sonia. They all were in shock. Informing parents about the demise of their daughter was the toughest job to do for me at that point of time.

The News channel all over the world were broadcasting the terrorist attack videos again and again and also were informing that few people have been rescued from the debris who were stuck inside. Emergency was declared due to which we had to stay back home .5 days had passed and I hope that Sonia might be one of the rescued victims. “I wish we didn’t fight the other night and I could he hear her again calling my name and making fun of me.

I wish we would have cooked the dinner together rather than me shutting the door on her face and asking her to leave the flat straight way.” I wish… They are many things in our life we wish to do but due to our stupidity and immature behavior we spoil it. I was asking God for a last chance and praying to get back my best friend. But I knew, it was all in vain.

 I was having my breakfast when I heard a knock at the door. I went to open the door and suddenly the coffee mug fell of my hand. I was shock to see Sonia standing in front of me. I was taken back. My eyes were wide  open and could not find words to react to that situation...She was wearing a white top with blood stains everywhere and a bandage over her head as if she just came from the hospital. The first thing I told Am I dreaming? Or was it true. She hugged me and cried. I was speechless and also expressionless as I didn’t know what to say. But I was the happiest person on the earth as I got back my friend .It was like lost and found .She closely experienced what death was. I had so many questions running through my mind to ask her what exactly had happend. How did she manage to get out of the building? Were Ryan and other employee all safe?

She had full jug of water at once and after a pause told me that Ryan was no more .Ryan was the person ‘who saved my life’. Ryan faced severe head injuries as a result he lost his life .She also told that there was smoke everywhere and it was very difficult to breathe. All I could hear was cry. Cry for help, cry for saving their lives. I saw people jumping from the window to save themselves, but falling from 30th floor and surviving was itself a question.

 Sonia was in mental trauma and I knew that she would take a long time to recover. I thought this would not be the right time to question her further .God had granted my wish asking for one last chance so without wasting time I apologized her for my rude and mad behavior ,which gave me a peace of mind and also thanks god for bringing back my best friend. Then I insisted her to go to sleep. I knew that it would be the hardest thing for her to sleep now as all those incidents would chase her and would not let her sleep. After she went, the first thing I did was called her parents and informed them that Sonia was alive. I could hear a sense of relief and joy in her mother’s voice. Their daughter was back from death. A miracle had happen. After few days we all gathered at the TIME Square to pay tribute to people, the near and the dear ones who had lost their lives in this tragic event. Sonia was too emotional and took flowers for Ryan as he was the reason for her survival. She could not hold back her tears and cried continuously. They say this is True love. Yes she was in love with Ryan but could not express her feelings. I think Ryan also had the same feelings for Sonia so only he chose to save her life.

Sonia and I had to fly back to India as our projects were over, but due to this terrorist attacks all the planes were cancelled so we had to stay back for another month. Finally when we reached Delhi airport our parents eyes were filled with tears ….the tears of happiness. They hugged us and prayed to god for our safe return. What a memorable and emotional experience.

 Sonia and I are still best friends or BFF ‘best friends for life’. I knew how it feels to lose our loved ones .I was lucky enough to get back my friend but not everybody is .Whenever I recall the incident I get goose bumps. What if I would have lost Sonia in that tragedy I would have never forgiven myself. I was lucky enough to get one last chance to correct my behavior and realize my mistake. Be it any relationships, think before you speak and please don’t fight and do spread happiness, you never know when life might take turns and we would have no time to react. Life is very short, live, love and laugh.

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