I Want 'Shikha' To Be My Boss.

I Want 'Shikha' To Be My Boss.

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Sometimes you go somewhere or get lost somewhere. If you do not find the truth then sometimes the destination will give you a chance. If you have already passed that path, believe me, that you have to come back. You can't change your luck. But yes you can try to change.

Today I'm going to make one last attempt.

After taking a nap in the evening, I was having breakfast. But someone's face revolves around my mind all the time. I was wondering how fast the time is passing and I have not told it to this day. Every moment, I fear that she must have forgotten me.

By thinking of all of these things, I called Riya and said that I have to talk to you something urgent. I felt that Riya seemed to be little uncomfortable during the call. She said that whatever you have to say, please tell me on the phone. I just can't meet you. 

I told her that this is the last time I am doing this and asked her to meet.

She finally got ready, I called her in a coffee shop and we met each other.

Riya- How are you, Nitin?

Me- How are you? I asked a question on her question.

She did not respond nor I.

Riya- So what's the matter? Why did you call me? You know that I have left the necessary class because of you.

Me- I will not take much time. I need to talk to you about it.

Riya- Nitin many years passed but still, you are behind her. Why don't you forget everything?

Me- Yeah, I tried. Several years passed and many different and difficult seasons changed. You know it's a compulsion to pass the time and change the weather. But there is no reason to change me.

Riya- Great! Tell me from the beginning, how it all started?

Me - Of course, I am very happy to remember all those things. It keeps me happy and alive. I had probably passed the class ten and went to the holidays in one of my relatives. I knew about love but never realized it. But one night, when I was sitting on the stairs. I heard some unknown voice in the room, I tried to look inside and saw her for the first time. Since then, that face does not disappear with my heart and mind.

She was my first and last crush.

When I looked at her carefully, for a while she looked back at me and then she continued talking with my sister. I heard that she is in class eight. I don't know why but I was happy that I'm older than her.

But I don't know her name till now. Then the sister gave a voice to the aunt and said that "Mom, Shikha has come."

I ignored the other things and only one name was echoing in my ears Shikha, Shikha, and Shikha.

By the way, our name does not match with each other. Nitin-Shikha or Shikha-Nitin but there was something that was matched and that was our eyes. We both had the same eyes, intoxicating eyes.

"What do you think?" I asked Riya.

Riya- I think there is something between you two. Tell me one thing when there was so much love from the starting, why had you never told her. And if you did not tell until today so why now? I think you did too late.

Me- Love goes deeper with time. I know her for 6-7 years. It is true that during this time I got very little from her and we never talked but I have felt something. She is my motivation and will remain always. Of course, she is very beautiful. But her eyes and smile matter more than his facial beauty. She is a natural beauty. I'm happy that she is focusing on his career. I'm constantly making myself better for her.

I have more than love with the Shikha. When I first saw her, I was nothing. Today I'm establishing myself. You know Riya, I have planned a lot for both of us. I have made many small income sources and I want all of them to be handled by Shikha.

I know Shikha belongs to software field and she can operate all these things very well. I have also created a lifestyle website for that. You know that I have always had a dream that whatever I have written, whatever has done. I want to give daily reports on all these things to my life partner. Are you understanding, no?

I want Shikha to be my boss.

After finishing coffee, Riya took a long breath and said-

"Okay! Nitin, you tell me what to do."

Me- Riya you have to do three things for me.

Riya- Yes, what is that.

Me- First thing, You have to tell Shikha that I love her so much. Tell her that I have waited so long for her. I want to hold her hand to never leave. In her eyes, I want to get drowned forever. I want to accompany her in every good or bad time. If ever she cries, I want to weep with her. When she smiles, it seems like suddenly the rain started in the summer session and the weather changed into romantic. I want to see our name together forever.

Second thing, maybe that Shikha doesn't believe in my sayings. You have to convince Shikha to believe in me. I swear by Shikha that whatever I said to you is completely true.

 That's all. And I finished my talk.

Riya- Okay but what was that third thing?

Me- Sorry, I forgot. I don't know why did you do this but don't forget to send me a copy of what you have recorded on your cell and say to Shikha that I'm waiting for her.

Thanks for coming, Riya. Goodbye.

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