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Smile Powerfully
Smile Powerfully

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‘ADITYA MEHROTRA’ I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was playing as the captain of Bishop in inter- college cricket tournament. It has been around a year since he came to our city and has been threatening my positions everywhere. My girlfriend dumped me for him and he snatched my title of best guitarist in town. I couldn’t allow him to snatch away the trophy that has been in my college for three years. I had to win this match.

Therefore, I picked up my team carefully. We practiced and trained ourselves day and night. Finally we were ready to win as the day arrived. Handshaking, wishing luck was done on the ground. We won the toss and chose balling first.

158 runs in 20 overs. We started and played till audience anticipated it will be a tie.

We were left with last ball and 156 runs. The ball touched my bat, cruised towards boundary, grabbed by the fielder and was thrown near the stumps.

My world fell apart in front of me and I couldn’t blink my eyes. I tried waking up from the nightmare, but the sounds of shrieks of Bishop team and the consoling pats on my shoulder continued. It was scary but it wasn’t a nightmare.

“I can’t let Aditya Mehrotra win, I can’t let Aditya Mehrotra win, I gotta do something.” I was mumbling to myself when our eyes met. He looked so happy and I was about to learn the most important lesson of my life. Something struck me and I smiled. It was a big, powerful smile. I call it powerful because I saw color fading from Aditya’s face immediately.

Yes, smile is the most powerful weapon and it helped me win a battle that day.

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