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Drama Fantasy

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The year was 2059. At The prestigious “Inter world community school” in southern Hyderabad, The students were getting seated at their desks in class. Michael and his friends Sharon and Matt were sitting together as always in their dull humanities class. It was the middle of the year and their class were about to understand and discover something new and deep, that would change their lives forever along with everyone else in the class.

That day November 15th 2059. They were sitting in their seats next to each other in the middle of the class, trying to keep themselves together in an everlasting lecture when the teacher started a topic which everyone looked at.

With everyone’s eyes staring at the board Mr Mahinder (the teacher) projected the world map.

James, the kid who everyone called the nerd raised his hand higher than ever and with a puny high voice uttered, “sir? Why are you projecting the world map?, we have already covered this.”

Mr Mahinder replied in his deep, crooked voice “This unit will not be about geography but history of the world, you all know this map don’t you?”. The class nodded in confusion, in their heads wondering “what is going on?”. The teacher later projected the same map, only it looked completely different. “This was the world 40 years ago in 2019” Everyone was shocked, some amazed, uttering “ahs” and gasps. Michael and his friends didn’t believe it. From just 70 countries, isolated, destroyed lands and crooked landscapes. the map was covered in hundreds of countries, the land was pristine and expansive and there were resources, cities and culture spread everywhere. Michael who was not interested in the subject for once raised his hand like he knew the answer for a multi-billion dollar answer so bad. “Sir?, how did the world change from that in 2019 to now? Mr Mahinder paused for a minute with a worried glint in his eye, and replied with a rushing river of history that amazed and shocked everyone. It all started in 2019, The world had countless problems from political to social to environmental. It was cacaphony. The earth was full of exotic wildlife and had a pristine environment, now most of it destroyed. Politicians bickering with each other for power and wealth fuelling disease ridden degenerating corruption. International relations were like swings and roller coasters and like a ticking bomb waiting to explode and costing the most valuable item, the society. Society was neglected, often had to work for themselves supporting each other while the politicians made generous claims and sat back in their lofty gilded chairs sipping their expensive wines.

With all this commotion and world problems unresolved, it became a ticking time bomb ready to explode again like before. But when solutions came from the public the damage had been done.

“What happened?” uttered Sharon with everyone eager to know with their eyes wide open. “World War 3 broke out. After nearly 8 decades of world peace and a growing progressive time, it was all ruined and went down the drain. Peace dried up and countries started fighting brutally with each other. This war continued for 15 years with chemical, biological and nuclear warfare. Major cities were nuked, people slaughtered like animals in social chaos and anarchy, cultures wiped out from the face of the earth and environments and natural ecosystems destroyed by the massive radiation and heat with sea temperatures rising high”.

Johanna, one of the popular kids who some kids like Matt called a showoff gave an intellectual question for the first time in a long period. “Did peace ever come to the world, did something good happen from the chaos”?

Mr Mahinder replied “Even though there was war, many countries like Argentina, Norway and here in India have managed to avoid such damage and destruction. The war ended destructively with countless deaths and problems with disagreements and arguments on the table. The major cause as we know? Godlessness among the frumious Bandersnatches clutching on to power. It wasn’t the failed international relations or social issues, it was wasn’t just those, this cause is much more important, and that is judgement. No one escapes judgement as it is fundamental part of our society, we should all be aware and have good judgement”.

The class’s eyes widened wanting to know more on the history travelling through the dark forest into their minds.

Mr Mahinder continued his lecture, “After the war ended in 2030, countries either went into anarchy or collapsed from war and economic free fall and plunge. There was a purge of progress around the world making the situation severely worse. Examples include refugee crisis at the Atlantic, Anarchy in “The Republic of Kiev” and “State of Hokkaido”, Insurgencies in the Amazon, “The United Continent of Africa”, one of the largest countries in the world becoming the world’s biggest leper colony, some completely flooded and sank to the depths of the ocean floor like “Chile” and “Kingdom of Southern Arabia” and civil wars erupting in the former “Russian Federal republic” and “China” by high corruption and poor judgement, some countries became history and didn’t live, others survived and faced consequences and horrendous punishment from this. Some people who didn’t deserve it at all”.

Finally Michael asked “Sir, what about here in India?”

Mr Mahinder had a semi shocked worried glint in his eye at first having a thought on what he should tell them but knew what he had to tell them and proceeded. “Thankfully India prevailed and survived with this great government and our high supreme leader “Bahadurshai Rao” who brought peace, order, stability and prosperity to our once suffering nation. We have been ranked one of the most successful and best countries in the world. No more problems here”.

The students were confused, “That wasn’t what we were told and heard replied Michael.”

Mr Mahinder looked at them sternly replying in his scary crooked voice “They are wrong and they are always wrong, This country always tells the truth”.

Michael and the rest of the class were startled and frightened and kept quiet, continuing to listen to the long lecture, but that recess they came together at one table having a secret plan, to find out if everything is true, “Alright, Mr Mahinder told us this lecture” said Jamal, “Yes but we need to find out if it is true” replied James, “most importantly, no one should find out about our plan” replied Johanna, “Wow, another intellectual topic you have given “replied Anil in his sarcastic personality. “How dare you!”, she shouted in her drab voice. SHHHH!.

With all this chitter chatter and commotion in the air, Michael came up with his ingenious plan, “Everyone! I have the perfect plan and idea that can actually work!” “how do you know it will work that Idea” groaned Anil. “Could you once have just this bit of Optimism and listen!? Ideas are more powerful and matter more than your sarcasm or argument” screeched Sharon. Anil looked down and sealed his mouth shut after that cold scold “Thank you Sharon, anyway, how about instead of arguing we all split the work and as a team find out, James and Anil you do research, Johanna and Matt you both can find out by media, Sharon and I will be observing street life and also observing activity and eyes on what is happening around us, we will also do mind map. As Johanna and Matt were about to object, the other 4 agreed with the plan, outnumbering them, in their minds they had their thoughts yelling “NOOOOO!” but they knew it could have been worse.

That night Michael and his family were gathering in the living room to watch some television, “Kids please come down stairs, its family time”. As Michael Luxuriated on the sofa next to his poisonous little brother and sister Abigail and Burton with Abigail being 2 grades below him in the 7th and Burton in the 5th. Usually they would always bicker around with each other for even the smallest thing whether it was who gets the last custard pie or to use the toilet or what movie they should watch, All 3 loved getting each other into trouble like Abigail flumps in her pink bed and tosses and turns around yelling “Get off me! You’re hurting me Burton or your hurting me Michael”, when Michael was in his room sketching landscapes and Burton was playing with his Nintendo DS, or when Burton drops some food on the floor and yells “look what you did Abigail or look what you did Michael” when both of them were just sitting quietly eating at the table while Burton made a complete ruckus and tantrum that continued for around 1⁄2 a day which completely annoyed their maid Reshma, always cleaning up their mess that are created each day nonstop. She almost quit with frustration filling her, but she stayed calm and continued to work until 6pm, she had a tough tight schedule, poor her. But during family time, everyone gets together and no fights happen, which is practically the only peaceful and harmonious time that this household experiences in a day of complete nuisance. Mother had turned on the television to the INT news (Indian National Television). Pretty much everything in television was owned by the INT. The news starts and the entire family is in silence focussing on the words and images from the television screen.

It was news night with the everyday viewed host Nathan Mukharjan.

“So, I read that the former Republic of ASEAN is so desperate for oxygen and water supplies that they have allegedly sent boatloads full of palm oil and Mangoes. A gesture and offering they said of generosity. You know what I think?, well you are listening to my show so I will assume you all do. I say it’s high time we give these dummers what we really think of them, I think it’s payback time for an invasion they gave a hundred years ago, I say we let them suffer, they have a demonic identity and ideology spreading the message of hate, with a delusional and aberrant voice and antagonistic violent goals that failed crumbling them, so let those Asians suffer, who is with me!?” The audience clapped so loudly that it made Michael speechless, how can they not help a country in need? helping creates good will and generosity. The news continued “well would you look at that, ASEAN was the jewel of its time, before it had everything, absolutely everything that you can ever imagine and 40 years later is what? The worlds biggest failure and a state of anarchy. Why? Merciless, let me say it loudly this time Merciless. It wasn’t their purge on minorities and identities, it wasn’t their poor involvement in the great war and their wastefulness and corruption on resources, it was judgement. No one escapes the past, no one escapes judgement. On the other hand we had the right path and judgement creating the country we love now and the strong better government that is the symbol of this time and idol of this world, and we did what we had to do, massive economic reforms, stronger resourcefulness and stronger military and getting rid of the bugging hate speech and liberalism and most importantly deporting those filthy undesirables. Refugees, Kashmiris, Homosexuals, Terrorists, hate speakers, Psychopaths, disease ridden society crumblers, they had to get out of our pure golden country every gutless hateful undesirable person. Greatness through unity, unity through cooperation, I am Indian and I am proud of it!, Hail to Bahadurshai Rao and our founding fathers for leading us on our way, and as always, India will prevail”. This time Michael was speechless and shocked about the news report and also with the proud roars from the large audience. It was without a doubt as he knew was INT and Indian propaganda and was something he should report to the others on Monday, he had what he had discovered..

The next day Anil, Jamal and James were traveling on the monorail to the library with a huge blank notebook white as ever with not a word in sight. “Ok now, said James, Our goal is to research if what the teacher said is true and find evidence, we take notes on it”. “How can we find such huge amounts of information, there may not be anything there” complained Anil as always. “Could you for once be optimistic and just lighten up, why are you being so aberrant?” yelled James at his highest voice, and at that point the librarian walked up to them and like in a trial, scolded them to keep quiet or be literally thrown out of the library. “Sorry ma’am” said James. “Ok” said Jamal, “Anil you go and find magazines from any time in the last 40 years, James you see the library section and I will search through the computers and films in the film room”. “Good let's go” and all three rushed and departed to different sections of the maze like library. James was scouring through shelves of information and wisdom, looking through endless topics like “useless facts” or “Argentinian politics” or “calculus jokes” and along with the information was a hint of propaganda which he gladly slithered from the shelves, he looked at world history and by 2 hours he had over 20 large books out of the thousands of endless books out there. James kept reading the books that he almost forgot that he was researching if Mr Mahinder’s lecture was true. He later spent another 2 hours going over the books all over again jotting down notes. Meanwhile in the magazine aisle Anil was losing hope, muttering to himself how unlucky he was, this muttering made him even less attentive giving him a pinch of salty frustration. He only found 4 magazines, one promoting the high supreme leader, two on reports on the world news and history and one on the growth of the country. As he was leaving, one of the magazines blew away and landed on the floor sliding under the shelf. This was the last straw for Anil, he was so furious he wanted to explode for just once. You could say Anil is overreacting and a grinch but the truth is Anil came from a family who have achieved a lot over their lifetime, his parents, his older brother Krishna, his older sister Priya and even his relatives (some unknown to him) were achieving huge awards and were at the top and mistake in the family was viewed as a failure that can never be accepted. You can say they are arrogant but Anil didn’t see it that way, he always felt like a failure in a competitive world and sometimes he was picked on and bullied by his family and relatives. He never had the fire to stand up for himself, he felt conscious and always felt like a failure, he never received that same love and respect from his own family. He felt tied to an anvil, sinking into even more misery. He always feels he is standing near oblivion and it also affects his social and school life making his friends think he is in a bad mood or even strange. Spending time alone and also continuously writing his experiences out on paper in his large black book stored secretly in his small room felt like having a hug from relieving these horrid experiences, situations and thoughts he constantly had with a strong river flow of emotion.

Anyway back to the story, he crouched to collect the magazine when he realised a small pocket book under the rack. He went down to collect it and decided to put it back at its rightful home. But as he opened it to figure out what it was, he realised that it was a book of documentations and political thought, brainstorming, criticism and essays, and a yellow piece of paper sticking out filled with a story. He found something that can be potentially useful as he thought and immediately started vigorously reading the paper like a preparation for a big test and read in his mind the story.

“By the time you are reading this book, I would have already been killed like several others in this regime of oblivion and terror. This is my autobiography and I hope you can spread it to others my experience and my legacy can live on, a message from this turbulent time. I was born on December 2 2030 during the end of the great war. My father worked at a dentist and my mother worked in an office complex. I had a normal childhood for 6 years playing and focusing on hobbies with my friends. My parents and siblings were over achievers. Even though my family moved up in the world, I stayed back, as time went by, I felt like a complete failure and saw myself as a loser like everyone called me before. In my home every inch of the walls were covered in endless certificates, arts, trophies and achievements from my siblings and parents. I on the other hand felt not only like a failure but homeless in heart. But despite the tough situation I was facing, I stayed put and continued my studies and life, I continued to move forward. Why should i care about my family who doesn’t treat me the same way as others. I started keeping a journal writing my experiences, hoping I can publish them one day and be a celebrated author. But times were tense. At that period of time the government was at the verge of instability with unrest, anarchy and riots in the streets of the cities of India. I watched on television when Bahadurshai Rao the supreme leader had began silencing media and ordering curfews on the population, I saw people outside my window being shot and the once free society being wiped away forever from the face of the earth. Sometimes when I peer through the windows during curfew from inside my home, I witness people being shot and me powerless to help them. I began writing in a small pocket book my writings which is the book, I knew my secret ambition and passion after these years, to be a political activist and report stories, uncovering the truths from the layers.unfortunately my brother had found my journal and with the criticism, I received a punishment I would never forget, how I should respect my family. At that point I had had it. I was 15 at the time and with that fury and the struggles I had, I decided to leave home exactly at the crack of dusk. As I turned back my family didn’t even miss me as they were putting in the bin anything that related or belonged to me. I left my home without turning back escaping their realm of madness. I knew I had to hurry away to safety before the start of curfew, I didn’t want to end up being dragged in the street and my life ending with a firing squad. But it ended. I took shelter in the library but the police spotted me. I was not safe. I found myself being chased by police men and managed to lock myself in the spacious magazine aisle. The maze like corridors, racks and shelves gave me some more time to spend my last minutes of my life writing this autobiography you read now. Looking back at my life, I had a lot of despair and misery, from at first being happy to being bullied and depressed. To the person who is reading this, even though we will not meet each other or have a relationship, I want you to know that anything is possible and that it is ok to make mistakes, failure is the key to success and never let anything get in your way, I believe in you and I hope that you can spread this message of truth and support to others, My life may have ended and my life my have been nothing and my head would be in a black bag, but I have my support with you in heaven, may the stars shine under you as you keep moving, from Anya Anil was at the verge of tears, he had never found someone dead or alive that was so close to him and how she had such a tragic life like him. But he felt inspired lighting the torch of hope again and felt enlightened. He

thought something brilliant that flickered in his mind “sometimes hope is not completely lost, there is always good luck and success and that what he does will create his path. He rushed back as quick as a hare to James to tell what he found.

Meanwhile Jamal was on the computer scouring the internet for information. But searching for ridiculous amounts of time, he found many censored sites and articles. The only sites that are there are government sites, research blogs and personal blogs and also tons of images and videos. He searched through the films and uncovered huge amounts of juicy data. Watching it he saw huge amounts of history and reporting. He knew his teacher was telling the truth on the war and what happened, but what about the good government, after seeing the censored websites and how most of the news was owned by the INT, he knew something was off. He knew that it wasn’t perfect. A lightning rod struck him him flickering in his mind that this is not a good government afterall, he looked into another film and discovered something incredible. In 2019 even though India wasn’t the great country the world knew today, It was a developing country and was a more progressive country. The country had a free democracy and citizens were free that time, It wasn’t like a heaven people called today but in Jamal’s mind, This was heaven and how the current government had destroyed it. The government claimed it respected opinions, wasn’t corrupt and that it was a free country that used good judgement, but it was all lies and hypocrisy. They had been fooled and they have been brainwashing and using poor judgement. He now knew everything what happened, a mix of true and false and a coercive history and government. The goal and answer was simple all along, power. Jamal raced back like an olympic runner back to James to report what he just found.

When all three have returned after 2 hours of research and discussed their findings with each other. “Lets see” rushed Jamal, “So, there was a world war 3, the events were as recorded. Many states were never seen again like lost items. But what about the government of India? “Well” said Anil, “I found this pocket book, this may help and also found and autobiography” “how is this going to help us?” muttered Jamal, “Just read it for goodness sake” yelled Anil, The librarian once again gave a furious look at them, “SHHHHH” “sorry ma’am” uttered the 3 of them. “Read” As the three boys read the autobiography and writings once again they too were shocked at this tale, it had exactly been what they were looking for, “where did you find this?” said James, he was semi crying and semi happy like he discovered a million rupees, “it’s amazing. This is something that we should bring on Monday. Quick! Hide it in your bag”

“And what is this young man?” Anil’s father was inside his room holding one of his exercise books like in a court case or an exhibit. “Father, it’s just my physics notebook” said Anil nervously, the problem was that his physics book, didn’t have any physics in it! It was supposed to be filled with boring diagrams, equations and writings (as we all know) but Instead it was positively overflowing with stories, drawings. Being in a bad mood sometimes, he would use the book to write down his thoughts and feelings It also contained the story of a boy who goes to a school, (loosely based on his own life) wishing for a better world where things were different and where he can be accepted the way he was. It had become less of a notebook and more of a diary. “If this is your physics book then why does it contain this repulsive drivel?” “I am very disappointed in you Anil, everyday you just get worse and worse, why can’t you be more like the rest of the family?” “Your Brother and Sister have been accepted to the University of Cambridge for their high achievements. And you? A big stooch, a failure, that’s what you are”. Anil wanted to speak for himself but his father activated the extinguisher and he felt powerless again. “This is what I think about your story you lazy good for nothing”. “Please don’t” “No! I am not sending you to school if you are wasting your time on this junk”. It took a few attempts to make the first tear but soon it was nothing more than streamers and confetti. Anil’s father slammed the door so hard behind that a painting that he created which was refused to be hung in the living room fell down from the wall of his room. Anil was devastated, he felt sadness through his body but also remorse for what he did, he felt like he was in gridlock. But one thing is for sure, they didn’t find his journal, and that would be a complete blunder and horrendous experience.

The next day Johanna was walking down the sidewalk to meet Matt at Inorbit mall. On the way she stopped in front of “Chang’s Paper shop”, “just one sweet bar” she thought, and entered the shop. The sweet smell of confectionary pulled her in with cakes, chocolates, candies, jams and patsies all lined up orderly and uniquely on the shelves. “Good morning Ms Johanna”, Mr Chang delighted to see her welcomed her into the shop. Johanna had always been Mr Chang’s favourite customers. “Good morning Johanna, how have you been”? “Quite well actually, have been studying hard, I was on my way to the central lake”. “Ok, so what would you like to have today”? Mr Chang said gleefully, Johanna looked and gazed at the racks of confectionary thinking deeply what she should have now. “I had 1⁄2 a Crunchie before, I will take a Cadburry bar”. “Here you go, that will be 20 rupees”. As Johanna was paying for the chocolate the news flashed up with the morning 10am news from the INT.

“In the former “Russian Federal Republic”, civil war continues to devastate the country’s most populated cities and the region of Siberia. Intense fighting takes place in the harsh winter storms with both sides fighting constantly with each other. Nikhail Torskovy the leader of the rebel coalition has gone into hiding and his words were these “Let me say this, we shall never give in or tolerate these mudlickers. This country needs change and someone better in charge and those fakers should be deleted from this country”. More news the “Milanian Republic” has been hit by not cold fluffy snow but a heat wave killing and overheating hundreds of people like sauce pans and trees struck by fire. A student at a school in Milan has this message to say to the government. “I don’t want prayers, I don’t want ideas or thoughts to come up and never happen, I want change and action and I hope to god This World can change from this devastation and I hope to god I won’t receive anymore blunt ideas from a brain”. In more news, Supreme leader Bahadurshai Rao has given a speech in central Mumbai on the rising levels of refugees coming over from Pakistan, for over a decade since Pakistan had collapsed, hundreds of refugees have fled from Anarchy and violence in the lawless ungoverned land. “For over a decade now we have tolerated enough of this, We keep receiving refugees and deport them back, To all those people at the other side of the border, enough. We will no longer accept you, we are officially closing this border from and kick you back, you are all a waste because you have godlessness, let me say it loudly this time godlessness. It wasn’t your hateful terrorist practices, It wasn’t the plague you started among your population or creation of your own anarchy, It was your mouldy judgement. So go back to your country every single one of you. You are gone, This border is officially closed and I am not ashamed of it. Good guys win, bad guys lose and as always, India will prevail”.

The audience roared so loudly that Mr Chang and Johanna didn’t believe what was uttered from the mouth. “I have to go, thanks for the chocolate”. “See you next time Johanna”. Johanna rushed down to the monorail to get to the Hussain Sagar lake, She was in a hurry to not miss the monorail. As she was in the train, she thought about the report she heard and the speech she heard in the shop. She also started to think that something was off. The government in one claim said that its responsibility is to protect the people as it is fundamental. Aren’t refugees also people that should be protected too? Shouldn’t governments be taking care and protecting any person and not be biased or hateful? And most importantly she thought, wasn’t that report on the supreme leader’s speech a message of hate as well? So wasn’t this government hypocritical with its claims? What was going on she thought in her mind. As she got off the stop in the monorail she saw 2 policemen bullying a street vendor yelling horrible things and pushing him down.

They yelled things like “filthy mudlicker” and “you wasted your life on selling. Shame on you” or more cruel things like “skinny creep. At one point they even threw his oranges at him. The man fell down and was weak. Johanna was horrified at what she just saw. She had never encountered this. For a long time she thought her country was the best but seeing this action, horrified her and changed her mind. The vendor powerless to defend himself looked at Johanna with his eyes begging for support and begging for help. But a voice came from the sky into her head, Don’t take any chances. Johanna obeyed the message and quickly moved away not being seen by the police.

She quickly walked away until she ran into Matt peacefully relaxing at a bench at the sidewalk at the shores of the blue lake facing the large Buddha statue. Immediately when they saw each other, they had a spark of detest in themselves. In Johanna she thought “Was he really just chilling by the lake the whole time?” and Matt thought “Why is this loser late, did she run into her cliche?” “So, Matt, did you do any research and observations lately, were you by the lake the whole time?” Matt was blunt, he knew he didn’t do anything and didn’t want to be shamed by a rival. But knew what he had to tell, “No I haven’t done anything”. “See, is it so hard to tell the truth or accept someone, to not judge someone so much”. “Sometimes”. At this point Johanna both felt surprised and victorious, “come on, let’s go observe, couch potato”. As they were walking back Johanna started a lecture on what she observed. She told him about the new report from the INT and how she observed the violence that happened half way while she was coming to the lake. Shockingly, Matt was impressed, but half way through the discussion, Matt shut her mouth with her hand, He pointed with his thumb across the street. 2 security guards were patrolling the area for so called bad behaviour and Matt was particularly the person who worried about everything and just whispered nervously into Johanna’s hollow ear saying, let us talk with the rest about this at school tomorrow ok, Johanna nodded and she and Matt rushed to the monorail back home.

The next day school had arose and during recess, everyone got together to discuss their findings together. The autobiography as crisp and inspiring as a novel, The films and also all their points and research including the news reports from the INT, sometimes something you do or say can be used against you. “Guys” said Sharon, probably with all this evidence, propaganda, hate speech from the government, bullying on the streets and also no criticism on the government, could this mean that it is” ‘Totalitarian” Michael instantly said. Everyone froze and agreed with Michael that it was indeed totalitarian.

How can we communicate it with a larger audience, this all needs to be heard and shared with a global audience. For the entire recess, The young minds thought hard as if it was a test, trying to craft a the perfect idea and plan to create a mouth that can tell the audience what was happening here in this country. How this country was ruled by a bunch of tyrannical hypocrites. Until they figured it out. They decided to write a website to communicate to the world audience until the bell rang and was time for class.

The next few weeks Michael, Sharon, Matt, Johanna, Anil and Jamal were whisking around writing and planning the website until their masterpiece was completed. “are you sure this will work?” Said Matt, everyone was silent until Michael replied as bold as a leader, “yes, it will”. “we have our fake ID, our evidence and our website”. “Even if its’ shut down, we will be safe and there will be a small change, If they find us and throw us in the horrendous detention centre, we will still have a legacy and a small change”. Everyone agreed and were lightened with confidence and posted the critical masterpiece. The next couple of weeks, the blog was swarming with visitors and surfers looking and reading the elysian blog. Until 3 weeks later when Sharon opened her computer and checked the page, It was shutdown by none other than the INT and Government itself. “She knew it would be shut down and be aberrant, but she thought a deep question, “is it right to shut the blog down? And also If they were afraid why were they doing it in the first place, their goal was obviously power”. But she and here friends still had that beacon of confidence inside of themselves and waited for results. That night Michael again was watching television from the boring INT and surprisingly it was a report about their blog and to him, it was a bunch of hate speech and hypocritical speech. He followed along the speech as Nathan Mukharjan said his fiery speech. “I’ll tell you what I know, This group are not people. People do not go against those who serve them and protect them, people do not show antagonism and hate, and this blog that an unknown group had posted have taken it too far, and they are demagogs spreading the message of hate with an antagonistic and aberrant voice and sparking fires of terrorist ultimatums, but justice will be there ladies and gentlemen, hate speech wont break us down and we shall never surrender. Good guys win, bad guys lose and as always, India will prevail”.

Even though it was a message of fear and hate, He and his friends still had the beacon of confidence within them.

Next week Michael and Sharon were watching television together watching the INT comedy show, which was actually one of the least boring and least political channel in the television network, all the other 2 billion can agree with them. But midway in the show the television blurred and the show was no more. Michael was confused and called his father “Dad, something is wrong with the television”. His father came rushing to the living room and was also startled. Sharon called Jamal to tell him the news. Her face from confused turned to shock. Turns out they have also have the same problem along with the rest of the large city. Sharon Later received a call from Matt. With a horrified expression on her face, she couldn’t believe that the entire country had the problem. “What was going on?” The people thought in their heads confused and panicking. Just a few moments later the television activated again and an unknown group was pictured, 2 men at the back and 1 in front sitting on a red armchair with a velvet curtain at the background. In Michael’s mind he thought that they were no good, and a minute later begun their speech “Good morning India, we would like to apologise for the interruption from the comforts of everyday life, We enjoy them as you all do. But in the spirit to remember someone other than someone’s death or someone’s inauguration or the supreme leader Bahadurshai Rao. We thought we can spend this January the 26, a day unfortunately no longer remembered in our minds to sit down and have a nice chat. There are of course those who don’t want us to speak. Those who silence us those who have taken power from us for more than a decade. From once when you had the power to speak and think as you saw fit, there is regular spying for so called national security, coercing your identity and conformity. Fear got the best of you, War, Unrest, Terror, Anarchy, Flooding, seriously? It is definitely true that fear got the best of you and in panic you all turned to the now corrupt and puny minded high supreme leader Bahadurshai Rao. He promised peace and order but in return for your silent disciplined self. Why should you be punished to please them, your opinions and identity can’t be taken away or silenced by someone. 100 years ago, one of our founding fathers said something inspiring. Ideas are more powerful than bullets and how we should be the change we want to see in the world, Justice, freedom, change and liberty aren’t just words, they are symbols and perspectives, we ask you from this day to join us and next time we shall give them a January 26 that shall never be forgotten in our minds”. The entire room was silent, the speech ended and all that was there was the symbol with the letters ILO circled in a red circle. Although Michael and Sharon knew how the group gave an inspiring speech of confidence against the aberrant regime, they knew difficult times will soon be upon everyone in this country and once again will fall into oblivion and anarchy like after the war and dark blight that gripped the world with an iron fist for 40 years.

The next few months during the summer The group would continue to see the news and watch a lot of television until Anil had it. He texted everyone in their secret group chat on social media, because he had to do it casually and also secretly with the eyes of the state watching him and his activity, he gave the message as anyone would text. “ Hey guys, want to go to Poppers Cafe? We can spend some time there and have a chat”. At this point. Anil felt that everyone, including him especially have experienced a lot over a few months and worried of being in a bad situation. He hoped that everyone would come for this get together at the cafe. Later that afternoon Anil was about to leave for the cafe with his trusty large notebook, pen and handy wallet. As he stepped out of the door, his brother spotted him and with a pinch of salt, he said. “Hey Disgraceful, where the hell are you going, you lazy pile of bones” His brother laughed as Anil froze solid filling with misery again. But suddenly a spark of lightning from his conscience had it, it set itself free from its cage and gave him a message from the sky. “Don’t let him get you, stand up for yourself”, for the first time in years, Anil actually had some hope, and was ready to release the wave of fury and confidence on years of nightmare. “I am going to the cafe, let me point out that I am not a bunch of lazy bones, I can still move. I have been through with your devil supreme enough and have given you plenty of respect, and you still treat me as a pile of garbage. Maybe I should give respect to people who would actually be grateful than an infidel full of insolence like you. You may be a high achiever Krishna brother, but you are Arrogant and as dirty as a pile of trash. The person who I am looking at now which obviously is you is an idiot, see you in the evening”. His brother from being powerful actually became speechless, not knowing how to react and had never experienced being talked to or responded like that. But for Anil, He finally felt relieved, he was more freer and actually released his emotions and stood up for himself. He felt better and less stressed and learnt something that he will continue to have for the rest of his life.

At Poppers cafe Anil casually waited for his new friends. Ms Sani delighted to see him came over in a hurry. “Anil, pleasure to see you here, welcome back”. “Nice to see you too Ms Sani, always a pleasure, may I please have a fondue?” “Sure!, coming right up”. While waiting Anil took out his notebook and pen and started writing and studying for the next year. He knew if he didn’t get at least a C in Mathematics or English, he will be shamed among his entire family, so he quietly studied his way writing long boring equations and paragraphs of stories until Johanna and Jamal came over and sat down. “Hey, we received your text. So what is this about” “Well I thought we can just spend some time, have a break and just be regular friends”, “What?” At this point both Jamal and Johanna were confused and asked why? “I thought we were being carried around by this obsessive research, we are worrying too much, I thought we can just spend this amount of time to just go back to being normal friends, please, let us go back”. “Both of them looked at each other and decided to give it a go”. As time passed, The 3 actually had a ton of fun, it was another relief from the stresses on research and politics, everyone had to agree.

During the next few weeks there have been more hijackings of The mouth to the people with several groups like the ILO giving boat loads of speeches and attacks. From a few announcements and speeches that the group had heard turned even more violent. One day during their Humanities class, everyone was given a task. Mr Mahinder assigned everyone to write a paragraph on a former country that once used to be on the map of 2019 when suddenly Ms Priyanka rushed in with the television. Everyone was confused with thoughts raising in their heads once again “What was going on?” Immediately Ms Priyanka gave her announcement “children, please watch this report from the INT, This is about National Security”. She turned on the television and Supreme leader Bahadurshai Rao appeared with a speech once again full of hate. “Good afternoon India, based on the security issues and tensions around this country sliding to oblivion there will be new policies and changes enforced. Curfew timing has increased between 9pm to 5am everyday, there will be regular checkpoints to check people for anything suspicious and how anyone who violates curfew or caught in terrorist or violent activity, will be prosecuted like a terrorist with no exception. This is for your protection and we shall continue as always how India will prevail among the ashes”. But at this point of time, there was no recovery for the country as everyone in the class, including Mr Mahinder thought in their head, that along with difficult and violent times, a new day is on the horizon of the world.

As time passed Waves of violence struck not only Hyderabad, but every major city in the country with people chanting for renewal, the attacks on police units, and attacks on government branches, units and the INT with Militias and groups like the ILO. Matt and Michael were once walking along the side walks in front of the South India mall and in the distance saw a huge protest and march with people chanting “We are the people”. This was a huge shocker to both of them how they also had the beacon of courage and were standing up for themselves like how Anil stood up for himself against his brother. But moments later witnessed in horror how it was savagely crushed by the abusive police, continuously beating and trashing them with long hard sticks and whips like they were livestock. But no matter what, the horror grew and the fighting got fiercer.

On January 26 2061, Michael and his friends now in high school witness rioting on the streets, police officers getting attacked and speeches from organisations across the countries criticising the atrocities of the tyrannical government, As night fell, they all witnessed on television the collapse of the government and the new flag being hung on the pole in Delhi square, a new fire being lit on the torch of power and they knew more, “the actions you do today will change and set the future”, “The world and society can be changed by a small and brave action” and “New days are coming on the horizon always”

The End

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