From Programming To Love

From Programming To Love

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Ever wondered what else Programming can teach us ? Well, it can teach us how to LOVE! Bewildered, aren't you? That's obvious, but sit tight and let me give you an insight of the same.

1) If you are a newbie in a particular programming language, often the first program you'll encounter is "Hello world". This can be related to how you make your first move in order to get to know about that "Someone" by saying Hello.

2) In the first few months, you'll be surprised at how much you have learned about the language. This is centered around the fact that you are very much excited about something that is so beautiful. This is akin to the amount of effort and time you have invested into finding out more about that "Someone" purely because you're just being too drawn into discovering the great things about him/her.

3) If your interest in learning more about the language does not fade over time, it's about the time that you start building a complex program to gauge how competent you are. In the process, you'll be faced with compilation errors. Since you are still a novice, you have very little concern about the possible bugs in your program. At this level, your focus is drawn towards the determination in manifesting a program that could run. This is analogous to the challenges such as rejections from that "Someone". However, if you persevere in overcoming the challenges, you might be holding hands of that "Someone" which simply signifies a primary success in your life. That feeling at the spur of the moment when success emerges is extraordinary. And also, during the pursuit, all his/her weaknesses are being overshadowed by the blinding charm.

4) Gradually, you become a relatively skillful programmer. This is the time when bugs will begin to ruin your confidence. Regardless of how competent you are, all programmers dislike bugs because a bug solved normally enlightens the platform for the possibility of introducing more bugs in your program. Not all relationships are smooth and continuous. There are times when disagreements are predominant. There are also times when jealousy defeats trust. All avid programmers will endeavor with the best of efforts to debug their programs. The same applies to all committed lovers who'll always sort out the differences and will never be hindered in restoring faith and composure in their relationships.

5) It's a herculean task to be an avid programmer for a long period of time and continue being so. A passionate programmer will never push programming away as he/she has progressed thus far from a humble beginning. This alludes to the fact that a dedicated lover will always be steadfast as love is not a matter that should only be taken seriously at the spur of the moment. It is a commitment that should last a lifetime. It's definitely a challenge to one's patience and loyalty to love one's other half for a lifetime.

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