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Children Fantasy

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Once, there was a girl, named Isha. She had a teddy bear which was her favorite stuff toy. The teddy’s name was Winnie. One day, her friends and she had a competition. The competition was about the most adorable stuff toy. It was in the building where they lived in. Her friends, Tania and Angela, were ready for the competition and came downstairs together in the garden. Only Isha was late. Then, Isha came. First, they had a tea party and then they decided whose toy was the most adorable. After that, they all went to their own house. Isha had her supper and while she was going to bed, she realized that she left Winnie is in the garden. Suddenly, it started raining very heavily. She was worried about Winnie. Fortunately, Winnie was under the chair and was safe. Everyone slept except Isha slept. Then she came downstairs and took Winnie home. She cuddled Winnie. Both felt warm and happy in each other’s company. They both cuddled and slept. The bed was so warm and cozy that they slept instantly. The other toys had never slept in her bed. When the other toys saw Winnie with Isha; sleeping so warmly in her bed, they were jealous of Winnie. The doll said, “Winnie is so lucky that he is sleeping in her bed.” Other toy said, “Yes, even I want to sleep in her cozy and warm bed.” Winnie was lucky as he slept in her bed. Winnie thought that this would happen every day but it didn’t. Poor teddy!!

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