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The Last Goodbye
The Last Goodbye

© Ankit Bolia

Drama Romance Thriller

2 Minutes   9.3K    223

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“I only watch movies on recliners in theaters”,she said as she mesmerizingly untangled her hairs to let it majestically drop over his shoulders. It was their last day to be together as in the evening the bus scheduled to take her home would take her to a different world than his.

Yesterday Agastha had arrived in Ahmedabad to pack off her things as she had voluntarily quit her course due to her failing health and wanted to permanently settle in her hometown. But you can quit the course not the relations you made during the course, one such relation was with Peter.

Agastha and Peter had met each other in college during their course through some common friends and immediately took a liking to each other, they were so lost in each other’s company that when days turned to months, neither of them had the slightest clue that is this just friendship or way beyond that, it was too late when the realization struck Agastha that what she feels for Peter is what she hadn’t felt for anyone over the past years, not even for her fiance, Sam.

What is done, can’t be undone and so she thought if she quits the course, it will be best for all three of them, but destiny had other plans. So she quit the course and was about to leave the college when Peter asked her that at least spend the last day with him before she leaves to her own world.

So that was their last day, but the best day of her life, he took her to all her favorite places, other pleasant surprises that filled her day and in the afternoon they planned to catch the movie "The Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, a movie which they both had decided long back that they would definitely see together.

It was the last time, she sat behind his back on his bike, a journey they took that he wished would never end, a movie that would never finish. But all good things even come to an end as he hugged her for the last time, their bodies feeling the warmth of each other as their swelled eyes tried to make contacts with each other, as the bus arrived and she kissed him “the final goodbye".

My Note: They say unplanned love stories are the best, but they also say love stories always don’t have a happy endings.

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