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The candle's weak light reflected on the worn walls, before the wind slammed the broken window and burn the flame out. I stood up facing the cold air, trying to close the sash when I glimpsed a black entity walking alone in this freezing weather. I forgot what I was doing and stared with curiosity...

He was advancing in a slow pace with an unbalanced steps, he tried to correct his walk by standing on cane that made it easy for me to spot the injury or the deformity in his right leg from this distance.

The raven long coat that he wear, and his long dark hair frisk with wind giving him the appearance of black ghost.

I could not see his face clearly, but the direction he took gave me a sad image. The curiosity in my eyes transformed to something else something like concern and a sudden urge to learn if my guess was right about the fate this person has chosen.

I let myself think that I am not a sentimental person, but matters that remind me of my past constantly prove me wrong. I followed him to the palisade, He stood near the edge, meditating to the sound of the sea waves hitting the rocks beneath. It wasn't long before he started approaching the edge, in the same slow pace, as if he was responding to the prayers of an angel.

What is happening to me right now? Why do I care?...

Fragments of my memory flashed across my eyes, and without hesitation I cried out piercing the thick layers of cold ''Sir!. . . Sir!''.


I seated in front of The black ghost- as I would call him given his appearance and I passed my sketches to him above a wooden table that shake with every movement we made.

I waited for him to examine them and for the fat lady with the pig face to bring us what I have ordered which it did n't take long.

I found my self immersed in my observations of this person who did n't resemble a any anthropomorphic mongrel I had encountered here. It was a very rare in this village.

I thought to my self that maybe his animal parts were in more discrete place but the elegance that surround his demeanor,the smell of the jasmine that he emitted and the tidy clean style of his cloths gave me the Impression of grace and well being.

I easily detect the anemic paleness of his white face, It puzzled me, either he suffered from a long phase of malnutrition or he had a recently massive bleeding. I could n't decide given the normal healthy way he interacted, his right leg lesion from here looked more like a ancient injury than a birth deformation.

He examined my drawing with seriousness one by one.

I could tell he has a weak sight from the way he handled the papers.Then he gazed at me for seconds trying to organize his thoughts about my personnel intentions and the gains I will collect from my intrusion in his life.

He nod with understanding:

-are you a doctor?

Pointing at my anatomical sketches of an open chest.

sensing the relief in his voice as if he discovered the reason why I had called him. A small curve formed on my lips before I corrected his statement:

-It depend on your definition of the word but I never consider myself as one.

He did n't interrupt ours eyes contact and asked with inquisitiveness putting his joined hand under his chin:

-''so why do you wont to draw me?''.

******************************* to be continued -->

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