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Discrimination Redifined!
Discrimination Redifined!

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A "Girl" child is born, Damn I am so happy!!, A life is born from the "Life" called "Mother".

Mother, wow! what an intense feeling by just writing it here.

But her Journey from a Girl till Mother is hard, sorry the condition is worsened nowadays.

Why have we discriminated a child as a "Girl". Call that child a "Life".

We humans have been discriminated to the level that the "Life" is under threat now.

Remember I called it "Life", it could be yours or mine too. Feels a threat now, right?

We have diversity, but we have lost our unity. Again Humans have been well discriminated that People under the Lok Sabha fights for their doing when they can sit together and solve nation's problem.

We have religion differences, we have caste differences and above all we have Subcastes. Within humans we have many humans who have been well reserved and personalised that they dont know they are the victim of "Discrimination".

This is one Nation, we call ourselves as "Indian" before our name when we go out. Than why are we ashamed of calling it here in "India". Why that difference in here and out there.

There is a lot to say, but I should wrap up now. My message is simple and straight.

"Stop discriminating Lives". Respect another human, bring equality and work together to build this nation Strong in each and every aspect.

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