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The Adventure
The Adventure

© Sailee Meher

Children Stories Fantasy

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“How boring it is!” Nothing much interesting was there in the class. The classes were over and I was among a few students enjoying the boredom. I sat to write a story but at that time, our librarian came to us and requested to help him in cleaning the library, inserting and arranging the new books. We looked at him with an awful expression. However, we had to go, because we were the senior students in the school. The librarian requested to clean the old books; those were kept inside the four rooms except the last one, which students were not allowed to enter. Then the librarian went away by saying, “Children, you make the work quick. I am coming soon, as possible I can.” “But ... we shall be alone!” Ritu screamed as if someone will take us away to a strange place! “Don’t worry I shall be back very soon. Moreover, here’s your key. Remember, do not go to the last room and do it as soon as possible you can. And don’t permit anyone inside.” The librarian told us and walked away slowly. I shouted “Yah! Yah! we know you will not come back till the morning.” I behaved with him in a crude way. Then he smiled a little and went away. I was thinking of something new, something mysterious. Then suddenly a crazy sound reached my ears. I looked around, nothing was there and I did not mind it. Suddenly a creature scared me, running here and there. I became so frightened that I began to run behind Priyanka, and lauded, “Aa! help me. Please get the mouse out of here, I hate the mouse.” I started crying. Ritu was laughing as if she was not a timid one. Had I taken a reptile nearer and nearer to her, then she would have started jumping and jumping as she normally does. “Please, take it from here, please...”, she would start crying out of fear. We finished the work of inserting books inside them selves. Suddenly my eyes fell on a book, ‘the miracle of the three things’. I thought to go inside it. I opened the book; nothing was written there but there were a lot of pictures. I observed everything. It was a great book, having a great story.

The story started.............


             Once upon a time, there was a king. He was kind, but he had stolen something, great and precious, the greed for which made him confident to get them. They were the magical mirror and the magical locket. The Djin had given these to the three brothers; the king and his two brothers as per their demands. The king demanded the magical ring. The magical ring was given to the king. The djin told them to use it in the night of full moon day, in moon light. The magical ring was having a print of two dangerous dragons. These could be controlled, by whom the ring is worn. One day in the full moon night he ordered the dragons to kill his two brothers and to bring the magical mirror and the magical locket for him. The work was done accordingly, as he had ordered. The two brothers were killed and now the three magical things were there with him. Now he could do everything that the brothers could. However, something was still problematic with the mirror. The mirror only accepted the person, who had kindness and goodness. The mirror did not want to accept him as its master.

           One day the king had fallen in sick. Therefore, he decided to hide the three things at a secret place where no one could go and get it, because he knew that no one would come to him for his illness and he would soon die. He went to the middle of the two ponds. The two ponds had a distance of seven kilometers. Nevertheless, he had hidden these in a cave that was between the two ponds.

I went to the next page....

 “What’s this?”....... “Strange!” There was nothing in that paper. Just something that was written, “YOU HAVE TO EXPLORE THE NEXT”.

 “But how can I? I know neither about the ponds nor about the place.” I thought it seriously but I knew it was not really so. “There’s no magic in this world!”

Priyanka and Ritu were proceeding towards the gate. Ritu shouted, “Sailee, let’s go. We are too late. Come on‼ Hurry up! We are too late now. I hurried up. I had forgotten where the book had been before taking it up from the shelf. I kept it behind the shelf. I arrived at the gate and soon changed my decision. Ritu and Priyanka got angry upon me. They told me not to go inside again. However, I neglected it. While running towards the gate,I heard someone calling “ Hey! Wait and listen.” I looked behind but no one was there. I noticed the, in my hand shined with a beamed with a bright light. I felt shocked. Those two mocked at me to lock the door before my arrival at the gate. But I managed to reach fast. I knew they couldnot also lock me and let me there like that. We reached home. We all sat near the fire place welcoming the hot air on to our body to have a warm up. I started the story of what had happened with me in the library. When I reached “someone also called me. His voice was as like as an old man.”

They did not believe me and laughed at me. I wanted to show the book but they were not able to see the pictures inside it. Rather they could see the blank pages with nothing crafted inside it. They laughed at me saying what I had shown them. I got angry and went to take a rest. I held the book in my hand and kept it attached to my body. Priyanka and I slept early but Ritu couldn’t though she was trying to. She decided to close her eyes in the morning. She felt something peculiar, as she opened her eyes. She could she an old man standing in front of me spelling me with his magical weapon. She couldn’t believe what she had seen. She got scared and closed her eyes to escape from fear. After some time, she looked around. ‘Nothing was there!’, She noticed. I was not there on my bed. She started crying. Suddenly Priyanka woke up and she got scared. She became worried about looking at Ritu. Ritu told her, “The old man has stolen her.” “But whom?” , Priyanka was shocked.

They were worried and Priyanka held a sad face with Ritu. Ritu told everything about the incident that she experienced. Priyanka lamented, “It’s her own fault. Why did she went inside again!” I came back from the washroom. They saw me. They couldn’t understand what was happening with them. I went to bed. They felt, both of them had gone mad. Priyanka got angry, came to me and started scolding me, but I didn’t listen and went on on my way. She got more angry than before. Now, she made me sit and then she started her speech again. But I still felt sleepy. She got tempered. Ritu told her not to waste time and said to go to bed. Priyanka told me to sleep. Then with anger, she threw something on me. But she noticed the tiny thing reflected light towards her by magical power. She was shocked and got scared, “What has happened to her!” She slept away.

            Next day morning, Priyanka saw, I was packing my things in my bag and went inside the bathroom to get fresh. She was not able to understand the thing that was going on. She couldn’t also let me go anywhere, where I couldn’t. It may be dangerous and unknown to me. She clarified about my trip. “ Iam going to the place where the three magical things are kept.”, I informed her. Ritu was listening. She came to me and reprimanded me,“ Now where are you going? Have you gone mad! It is not a game for children! Why are you leaving us alone?”

I told, “I have to, as you are not interested to come with me and I want to explore and solve these mysteries. This is peculiar about me. I work in my own way. I never listen to anybody. This makes others confused while making an assessment of me. Priyanka and Ritu requested me so much not to do so but I didn’t pay heed to what they said and ignored them. “Good bye and good luck”, they both wished. They thought it was my last seen with them. Ritu cried and decided to search for me and to keep her hand on mine. Priyanka couldn’t stop her and she changed her decision to come with her. They went to the railway station. They were not able to find me initially but al last they could. They joined me. “ Ok! Let's have the journey and start our research to explore something new and magical! - THE MYSTERY BEHIND THE BOOK.”

           As I took a seat on the train, I couldn’t see any people around us. By the way, it was the last train. After a few hours, a man came to us and requested to drink water. We accepted his kindness and he gave us a bottle filled up with red liquid. I was not able to understand what it exactly was! Suddenly, my eyes fell on his foot. They were so dirty and having so much of wounds, looking so scary. “Oh! my god!”, I decided not to see the face but I had to explore something. “Ah....! heeeey.. Mr. Zombie. Thanks for your kindness. But, we don’t need this. Sorry!” Then we hurried to take our bags and pulled the chain to escape from the deadly creature. The train stopped, we ran away from the train. Now, we were able to rest for sometime after spending energy. Suddenly, we saw the same creature following us. We again ran and ran as far as possible. We reached at a lonely road. For a while, we rested. After some time, I got up. I was able to sing with the moon and dance with the stars. I enjoyed the night staying alone. I woke these two up, but they demanded five minutes more. I took my diary and started these events. Suddenly, my eyes fell on the same old man whom I had dreamt earlier. I decided to follow him, because, he was the only way through which I could explore at that time. He promised me that he would lead the way if I gave him the three magical things. I agreed. He kept his promise. Then I woke them up saying, “ Zombies! Oh! my god, Zombies! They have reached. Come on, get up we have to go out from here.” Suddenly, their eyes opened and they took their bags to run. As I laughed, they became angry. I told them to follow the old man with me. We passed the bushes and saw a magical door. I didn’t know what it was. “ I think it is a door to go to a new world.”

“World!”, they were shocked. “Oh! it’s like, what happens in the fairy tales.” Priyanka was excited. “Oh, it will be full of fun. I think there will be so many trees made of chocolates, the rivers having chocolate water and even the houses having chocolates instead of bricks. Ohhhh......! It’s so fantastic, Isn’t it !” I enjoyed her excitement, “ May be and may be you will be a princess......” She screamed, “ A princess! Oh! wow.. I wanna go.” Ritu expressed her irritation, “There’s nothing like fairy tales in reality.” “It may be...... the ghosts will scare you and eat you up!” Ritu made her scared. “Oh ! my god! I think we should move on immediately! Hurry up.” “Why!”, Ritu screamed, “ Is there anything happened.” “ Ritu ! The Zombie!......”, Priyanka louded. “ Aaaa...... I’m so scared of these.” Ritu got scared. We went inside and suddenly the door closed. “ Huuh, we are safe now.”, I told not to be scared.

          We went deeper and deeper. It was a long journey. All of us got bored. After about fifty-five minutes. We reached a castle. We wondered what it was. We looked at every wall. The same pictures that I had seen in the book were crafted on the walls. But the missing part in the book had not shown on the wall. I looked at every corner of the palace. I did not get anything, what I got the information more than before. We all discussed about it for a while. “The king had went to the cave between the two ponds.”, I told.

Ritu exclaimed, “But how! There is no cave!” “ Oh. I think there is a hidden door between these two. When a magical hymn is chanted, the secrete chamber is wide and visible. I think so. That is not exactly correct, what I told if you think.”, Priyanka said. “ Hmm..I think you are correct Priyanka.”, I told. Then Priyanka said, “ Are you serious! I just told what I had listened in the tales from my grandma.”

“Because look at this wall! there it is shown that the king went to a tree which had a broken branch hanging and he joined it. Then, heeee...... Am... mmm... next! Oh! sorry!”, I said. Noting important was shown there. We were worried. “ Now what to do!”, Priyanka screamed. I looked carefully, “ Hey! I got something.” Ritu and Priyanka looked too. I told Priyanka to guard as she was just irritating us and nothing much. I distracted my mind towards the portrait of the king queen and his two sons. I pointed out the portrait. Suddenly, the portrait fell down. I got scared and those two too. Priyanka told, “ I think, you got some magical power that night when we came back from the library.”Are you serious!”, I was shocked, “But how!” “Let it be. I will explain it later.”, Priyanka answered. I couldn’t understand, what was going on with me. “ Wait! Let me do something.”, I was overwhelmed with joy,“If I use the power and clear it up and understand the hidden and damaged things, which is, now, important for our research, then we will be able to reach the place and get the three magical things.” Then I decided to apply my magic on the wall.

I did so. But there was no reaction. We were still confused. We were not able to think further. I took up the portrait and started investigating it. I noticed, one of the children had a mark over his left eyebrow since his birth and the other had the same. Suddenly, someone came inside the castle with a sword and a book. The book was the same as ours, but the book we had was golden and that he carried was purple. This was the only difference. “Ssshh! Look at the man.....the mark o his left eyebrow. The man has the same mark as the prince has in the portrait. It means, he is the prince. I think he knows the way, and how to get the three things. If you are thinking what I     am thinking now, then let us start the journey”, I said. We hide behind a box. The prince came to the place where we were. He couldn’t see us. He took something from his pocket and attached it with the wall. We thought to follow him. “It’s the secret door”, Ritu said. Then we followed him. He took a purple gem from the secret chamber. As we saw him returning, we ran to the place behind the box. Then, he moved towards the cave. “ Alas! At last, we reached the place”, I told. It was the same tree as it was in the picture. He joined the broken branch and said, “Oh Mother, please open the door of the cave. The full moon day has already come.” We were shocked and scared. Suddenly, the cave opened and a lady, wearing a white gown, came out from the cave. Priyanka told, “I am so thirsty. I can’t stay more without drinking water.” We saw four gentlemen hiding from the prince and having a water bottle. I went with them. I asked for a little water. They gave the bottle. I came back to them with the bottle. Priyanka drank water.“ where are you going?” I asked, “I think you have also the same goal that I have. If you want to join us then you can.” They agreed, but not all. The first two agreed but the next two got scared and ran away. We all went inside.

I don’t know why, but when the prince was going to touch the three magical things, the three things came towards us. “Caught it!”, the mirror chose Ritu as his master. The ring chose Priyanka and the locket choose me. The three things gave us the power to kill the other persons present there as they all were greedy. The ghost who was the lady followed the two gentlemen. The two got scared. The ghost made them scared in such a way that they jumped into the river from the castle. They died. We killed the prince and then the ghost was killed forever.

At the time of returning, the old man appeared to us. He told to give him the three things. But the three things told us to give up the promise and to kill him. “We won.. wow! We won”, we were overjoyed. “But now, how will we reach our home?”, I screamed.

Suddenly, a miracle happened. We reached our homes. Then we kept it in secret places. We decided not to use it without any reason. 

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