The Perfect Plan - 2

The Perfect Plan - 2

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Continued from Part 1….

Jonathan was totally taken aback. Someone is framing me, he thought, taking advantage of the situations. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and answered, "I... I never liked her....! She was one idiot bitch, who only wanted my property..! I tried warning my son many times, but he never listened....!" Swallowing hard, he continued, "but …I never killed her...!! Nor did I appoint someone for doing that...! I don't know who put those equipment in the trash can..!"

Thomas was eyeing him cautiously. All of the evidences present were against him, but still not enough to prove him guilty. Thomas still detained him for further questioning. Jonathan's lawyer came, but was unable to rescue him, as Thomas had in turn taken a non-bailable order in advance, which prevented him from releasing until the court issued an order.

Amanda was still in a coma, showing little signs of improvement. Reagan, still in hospital, was called by the police for questioning. After his inquiry, he called up Eva. “Listen to me, Eva…I hope you got the reports. Now, pack off your bags & head somewhere out. Leave the city for some time…!”

“What you said was right..! Stephanie is pregnant. I can easily alter the reports. But what’s the matter? Why should I leave the city?” Eva questioned him back.

“My dad is a very dangerous person. I just heard from the police about the attacks that happened on Stephanie & Amanda. If he can attack both of them, there are chances he may try & attack you as well…! So don’t stay here till this case is over…!”

As Detective Thomas waited outside Amanda’s ward, his thoughts again wandered off into the past. He remembered how his nice happy family slowly started getting disrupted. His father started suffering loss in his business, since his professional partner started fooling him, making him totally bankrupt. His partner even denounced certain crimes & scams on him, all of which his father never committed. Unable to bear the loss & in huge debt, his father, Joseph Finn, eventually committed suicide. His mother, mentally harassed by Joseph’s business partner, eventually was admitted in mental hospital. His sister, Lisa , after Joseph’s death, lost her education , lost her mind & started suffering blackouts . Thomas had a very tough time assembling all of them.

His thoughts were broken as the door of Amanda’s ward opened. “She’s slowly recovering. But here are the autopsy reports of Stephanie you asked for…I hope you find them in order…,” the doctor said, handing him the reports. Thomas went through them & thanked the doctor.

Jonathan was in the main cabin, where Thomas had detained him for questioning. Thomas again entered the cabin, taking the reports with him. Placing a chair in front of Jonathan who was kept handcuffed, Thomas started questioning him, “Our Forensic team have found your fingerprints almost everywhere in Stephanie’s home. Moreover, the autopsy reports suggest the presence of methamphetamine in her blood. Traces of this medicine have been found in some of your clothes.” Thomas moved closer to Jonathan, “Again I’m asking you, old man….why did you murder her…?”

“I never gave her any drugs…! I don't know why I am being framed here….! I have already told you I never murdered her…!” Jonathan answered back angrily. Banging his hands on the table, he again screamed… “ I have never killed her…! I just didn’t like her…that’s all..!”

Thomas listened to him quietly. He got up to answer the call on his cell phone. As he listened, he kept his eyes fixed on Jonathan. As he finished his call, he came and sat on the chair he had placed earlier. Exhaling out, he again looked at Jonathan furiously.

“Why you wanted your daughter to be killed?” Thomas asked him again, staying calm.

Jonathan’s expressions were a mixture of shock & fear. “I would never do that…!” Jonathan exclaimed, “she’s my daughter, detective…! Why would I ever do that?”

Still staying calm, Thomas said, “Your daughter is awake, John. She has clearly said in her statement that you attacked her last night wearing a black suit & a ski mask. You wanted her to be dead as she was a potential business threat to you & all of your companies. Basically…” he looked more closely at Jonathan, “She knew of every scam & every forgeries, false business deals that you had committed. She was the first ever person, you would always try & finish, right?”

All the information came as a lightning bolt straight at Jonathan. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. His daughter being alive was not at all good news for him.

Finally, with no option left, Jonathan had to speak the truth, “I never liked her….! When she was working with me, she was progressing very fast. But everytime, we kept fighting on smaller things. She eventually started her own venture, but I feared she may disclose all of my secret things. Therefore, I had decided to finish her, but believe me, I never actually attacked her…! It was someone else who wanted her to be finished…!”

Thomas silently placed a laptop on the table. Opening it, he showed CCTV footages of Stephanie’s home in different cameras aligned in a grid. It showed Jonathan’s car stopping at the entrance. Suddenly the view blurred out & changed to another, showing no car parked anywhere. The footage was clearly altered.

“We have arrested the person who has done this,” Thomas said, showing him the picture of the person who, a hacker by profession, had altered the footage on Jonathan’s order. “He has confessed your name. Moreover, every security guard on the bungalow saw a person in black suit & ski mask exiting the property carrying a dead body…!”Thomas now got totally furious. “Every evidence has already pointed out that you killed Stephanie…..! Why you did that…just because she was not of your level..? You attacked your daughter...Why? Just because she knew of everything you had done wrong…?” Thomas stood up as he said this. “Right now I am arresting you, charging you for two things: a murder & an attempt to murder…!”

Jonathan pleaded against this guilt, but every single evidence was against him. He was presented before the court. Detective Thomas presented the list of phone calls made by Jonathan to Stephanie. He also presented the garden equipment found in the trashcan containing soil from Jonathan’s property. His cloths containing traces of methamphetamine, by which he was under suspicion to have been drugged Stephanie, the altered CCTV footage & most importantly, his daughter Amanda’s statement, all of these were enough to prove him guilty. He appointed the best lawyers in the county, but no one could save him. The court found him culpable considering all the evidences. He was sent to jail till further date & conviction. Reagan was arrested later, for attempting to murder Stephanie.

Jonathan was seated in his cell. I am convicted for all the crimes I did not commit. I’ll screw the detective, he thought to himself.

“Feeling angry to be sentenced for crimes you did not commit, right? You always get what you give, Mr Jonathan Sawyer..!” Detective Thomas said, entering his cell.

“Your son has also been convicted for attempt to murder Stephanie. Your daughter has already filed a suit against you, for all the scams you did, not only on her, but also on other people, including Joseph Finn…!” The name sent shivers in Jonathan’s body. He almost stood up, eyes bulging out in terror.

“You never knew me, Jonathan. My dad & you were good business partners. What made you go against my dad? Your hunger for money? Power? Domination over people? Ego? My dad just wanted to make you a good person..! But you were totally blind with money. You committed forgery on my dad’s documents. You mentally harassed my mother. Because of you, my mom lost her mind. She died in the mental asylum & no one was even there to help her…! We were just kids..! My sister lost her education…& even she suffered blackouts & panic attacks…! I spent many years just trying to bring my family together.... What had my family done to you, Jonathan?” Thomas screamed with tears in his eyes.

With wet eyes, he grabbed Jonathan’s collar and dragged him on the floor. “So I decided to play the same game on you, Bastard..! I joined the police force keeping a track of all your activities. Yours was a nice, happy family. I just did what you did…” he pulled Mr. Richards pic from his pocket, “You know, Richard is my father’s real younger brother. You never knew that, right?” Jonathan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “My uncle got himself employed as your chief assistant. He did a pretty good job of putting in poison in all of your minds.” He brought his face more closer to Jonathan’s , “Remember the anonymous caller who called your family against each other? It was my uncle. By the way, Reagan’s current girlfriend’s name is not Eva, its Lisa Finn…& she’s my sister. She first made Reagan fall in love with her& then she made him plot an attack on Stephanie. Richards had access to every little thing of yours, so was your black suit & ski mask….!” Jonathan stared in horror as he heard every single detail from the mastermind.

“Does that ring a bell? Of course…!” Thomas said as he stood over the fallen Jonathan, “You had used methamphetamine to finish the baby in her womb…I just left traces of it on your clothes, making it easy for the forensic team to find them. I knew you would go to Stephanie’s house…courtesy Mr. Richards. Your cell phone location clearly showed your presence there. Wearing your black suit & ski mask, I went inside through the back doors & used your pistol to shoot Stephanie .Everyone did think that you were exiting out of Stephanie’s house wearing the ski mask. Well…..I just got her & buried her in your property. I then dumped in all the garden equipment in the trash can. It was a rainy night & nobody saw me doing this. However,” he paused & exhaled out, “Amanda saw me doing this. Thinking I was you, she came to stop me. I had never planned to attack her, but eventually I knew that she would blame you for it…so I went ahead & did that… After wards, she suffered an accident. But I knew that she would always take your name, considering the deadly indifference you had between yourselves….. Moreover I clearly knew You had appointed a doctor to finish Amanda….But thanks to Uncle Richards, that traitor is already with us..!” Thomas revealed every single thing that he had planned.

“I just did what you did to my family….! Your daughter is now against you, Your son is now against you & you don’t like both of them at all…!” Thomas again grabbed Jonathan by his collar. “All evidences are against you…& no one can save you now……Rot in jail……You bloody millionaire dog..!”

Jonathan was later convicted for all the crimes he did. He was sentenced to Life time imprisonment. His all assets were sealed. His arrest came a big breaking news in entire media.

Thomas, his Uncle Richards & his sister Lisa, all sat outside their home. “We finally avenged our mom-dad’s death…” Thomas said as Lisa wept on his shoulders. They sat there for a while, trying to remove out all the agony their family had gone through.

The End

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