The Hurricane

The Hurricane

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Appreciated by Mrs. Sengupta, the acting teacher, for the brilliant dramatization of the wonderfully written script by Aarti, Harshit’s confidence to become a successful actor was at its peak. He went to the stage to take the trophy of the drama competition held at high school, and it was that time, when he decided he would become an actor. His speech that day was one of a star kind, and he was also congratulated by many for not only winning the competition, but also for his remarkable, breath taking oratory.

After the award ceremony got over, Harshit pulled Aarti towards the lone corner of the terrace and kissed her the most loveable way a man could. Breathing heavily, Aarti was amazingly happy for not only her boyfriend had won the competition but also her own written script was the one he had dramatized. They could see their dream coming true. They believed they were not only compatible as two lovers, but also as two ambitious people, who’d do anything to make each other’s dream come true.

It was that time when the watchman came up there, and saw them holding each other’s hand. They were scared to the extreme, looking for a way out, the watchman turned around and asked them to leave. They quietly left, laughing. Harshit dropped his beloved home, riding on his newly purchased Bullet. That was the day, when they both felt success and each other together, and made a decision to be together until their last breath.

That was the time when everything was just perfect for this wonderful teenage couple, they got everything they longed for, one fine day, Aarti’s parents got to know about both of them. She was caged, as miserable as a wounded wing of newly born bird, she couldn’t reach to him and neither could she achieve what she wanted. Every little time Harshit tried to sneak in, he was thrown away.

He felt numb, Aarti was helpless, she tried everything to get away, but she couldn’t, she realized their story would be an unfinished poetry, life was like those piercing thorns, between the green looking bushes, her pain, her agony, everyone refused to understand. They left her in a lone room, shut from in and out, she was brutally suffocating, asking for help to fathom and to come out of those unbearable miseries, but no one was around. 

She was badly shouting all day, her heart was sinking deep into depression, as to she would never be mentally alive again, she was caged by her thoughts that killed her a little more every second, she lost hope in probably everything she had, she fought until she could, but didn’t succeed. The obnoxious world would seek love but would never accept love.

On the other hand, Harshit decided to move on, he chose to do big and not just sit back and relentlessly leave away everything. He worked hard for years, and achieved success in every way he could, he never looked behind and all he could focus on was his dream, his passion, he was quite a practical person unlike Aarti, no one ever in his industry would even know about both of them. He was that person, who could leave all his past to be better in the future.

She was home, caged for years and years, into that room she used to write about him and moments she spent, she once saw his picture on the front page of a reputed newspaper and, she wrote :

So one fine day, there comes a time, when that ugly looking man you fell in love with, decides to lay layers of pure handsomeness and ends up stimulating your enthusiasm to write on romanticism, when he ensures he had that quotient to make you crazy admiring him all day, ending up in giving you those orgasms that you longed for since ages because a pure racist like you would like the moon flirting with its shine and not deteriorating it. .

When his beard catches your eye and makes you wonder about its awesomeness, when you stare into those eyes and feel that loneliness you feel every single time during those nights alone, when that grin on the face, makes you smile over his obsession towards anger, like the hurricane who'd come running to destroy you but would end up embracing you in the most pleasing way.

When those ears that you look to, ask you to bite them, lovingly, or maybe just to whisper the words of absolute seduction, that calm down your urge to repent to the affairs of the world and just gives you that alluring taste that would never satisfy your hunger to bite it.

Those hair, that ask you ruffle your hand over, or hold them tight while you unbutton his odd colored shirt that you'd die to take off, when you feel the smoothness of them and wish to build a home for they shall render you the exact peace you were desperate for the other day.

Those lips, that ask you to lick, taste, bite, eat, kiss them in the most wildly gesture you can, no matter what will kill you the way they plead for the same, they have this urge to make you crazy, knowing it would be in the name of none but just them, that would help you see the colors of the world for you drowned deep into their lava which had the hotness to burn you to ashes, and you just chose to be burnt.

And lastly his neck, his neck is that medicine to seductiveness that would turn you on, within seconds for hours, until you smell it to its core, or these features that he makes you go wooing for, are those parameters that satisfy your overly lust towards him.’


Luckily this piece of absolute brilliance was read by Aarti’s best friend and she somehow contacted Harshit and told him about Aarti and her thoughts about him even after so many years that passed by in ruthless pain. After realizing all this, Harshit felt this was the time, when he should confess the truth, and he should let everybody know about what is going on with him, or what is he looking forward to.

He called up Aarti’s parents and invited them to the biggest award ceremony for which he was nominated, and asked them to bring Aarti along, they denied in the beginning, but somehow agreed to Harshit later, because he promised them that the story he would tell to everybody, if he gets the award, would be shocking and unbelievable for them and Aarti too, but it was also mandatory for all of them to know about the same.

Hearing all this, Aarti knew Harshit would introduce the lady of his life and obviously after years he would have moved on, she was hopeless about everything, but she still wanted to see him holding the enormous and the most elegant black lady. It didn’t take long for the ceremony to arrive and she dressed up in a red saree, accompanied by a black velvet blouse, she would never forget to put on her red lipstick that Harshit loved to wipe away years back, adding to it there was this sweet sound of lovely bangles that would steal away everyone’s breath.

The thunderous applause drowned her heartbeats knocking against the ribcage, as she watched him walk towards the stage. The tailored black suit moulding his muscled tall frame caused every pair of female eyes to turn towards him. A sigh here, a gasp there, felt like pins piercing her soul. He bowed down to the veteran film director- standing there to hand him the black beauty’’ – in his impeccable, courteous way. she wondered if he remembered her at all these moments, at the pinnacle of success.

Admiring the award, he took the mic from the stage assistant and faced the audience. For a second, it appeared he looked straight at her. Her heart stopped and she shrank back in the crowd. But the next second he blinked, and the moment was gone. She mentally berated herself for the fanciful thought. The stage lights couldn’t have allowed him to see anyone in the huge auditorium, leave alone standing at the entrance.

A hand touched her elbow, “Ms. Kapoor, this way please.”

She got shocked as to why would someone, guide her towards the stage, she was numb and she didn’t know how to react, she looked heart throbbing but she was heart throbbed to have the privilege to look at his old high school boyfriend holding his dream right in his hands, she walked towards the stage and then was the time when Harshit held her hand with one hand and the mic with the other.

He said, “Before I admire the black lady, I would like to introduce you all to the lady who taught me to admire. Undoubtedly ladies and gentleman, she has been the lady of my life, my luck and my love, its been more than seven years that I am holding her hand but she was always there near me, and today right in front of everyone, I would like to ask this lovely lady to marry me.

…looking into her eyes, he knelt down and offered the black lady and said, ”This is the most precious thing I have ever received and you are the most precious person I have, instead of those beautiful roses that everyone offers, I want to offer you my life, and urge you to take it away and make it yours forever. Miss Aarti Kapoor, would you like to change your surname to Jaiswal?”

Aarti was into tears, she felt she will have to see the lady love of her love and it would be the day her worst nightmare would come true, but things happened to be so that she couldn’t even ever dream of, she took the lady and said, “I have been there in my room since years, I have been hopeless, and irresponsible but I promise to take care utmost care of this lady all of my life, I love you!”

There were loud cheers and claps out there in the auditorium, and they were four people who were crying out of happiness, Aarti, Harshit and Aarti’s parents…


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