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Full Palm Of Coins
Full Palm Of Coins

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One night when father came back home from office, he told mother that he had hired a tutor for me. I was an average student of class three but didn’t want any kind of tuitions. The next evening after schools I sat for my demo tutor classes. Yes! She was good. I really found her amazing. And from the very next day I began going for my tuitions at Mrs. Raizada’s place. Everything was going very smoothly and my score card also started improving day by day. After my final examinations and a long vacation, I joined Mrs. Raizada again for Std. 4th. One day when I was alone in the classroom I saw a bunch of colourful pens kept in the pen-stand near me. I was lured by them and I thought  of stealing those pens from the classroom and make my own collection. I did the same. After a while, Ma'am Raizada entered the classroom and started looking for the pens. That time I behaved like an innocent clever kid! However, she had guessed that I was responsible for this cheat. Next day she complained about it to my mother but asked her not to react in front of me as she was planned to deal with me personally.. Ma'am Raizada asked me to come in the little garden that was outside her house. I kept all the pens under my denim- pants belt trying hard to hide all the pens. I stood in front of her and she could clearly make out about the hidden pens.

I was worried...in-fact scared, but Mrs. Raizada didn’t scold me at all. All she did was made me understand that I was lucky enough to have all the resources and did not need to do all this. She spoke to me like a guide, philosopher and a true mentor. That blessed day I realized that MY PALM IS FULL OF COINS!! 

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