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Isn't it strange? How, sometimes, even the smallest of things can teach us so much!

When you return home from a bad day and suddenly a little baby from the neighborhood lets out an innocent laugh, it does what nothing else could do. It makes you realize, to keep smiling no matter what!

When you're feeling blue due to a recent failure and you look out of the window and see the trees, standing tall in the heavy rains and fierce winds, swaying together in rhythm, it does something that a five-hour-overthinking-and-self talk session can't do?

When you see someone troubling a street dog for fun and there comes another dog swaying its paws in the air, running as fast as it can, barking at the stone-hearted person, doesn't it remind you of the oh-so-many incidents when you could have raised your voice to help someone, but decided to ignore instead?

Isn't it strange how every person, animal, place, everything we meet and see can move something within us? They can teach us what those piles of books can't.
From a little flower bud to a huge mountain.
From an entrepreneur to a road side beggar.
A person you don't get along to a person you can't live without.

Everyone's got something,
Something we can all learn.
Some people teach us how to live, some teach us how not to live. But, they do teach us.
And that's what matters. Instead of whining about something unwanted, if we change our perspective a little and find the good in things instead, learn something from them instead, wouldn't our lives be happier?

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