F.U.N - Quality And Quantity Wise

F.U.N - Quality And Quantity Wise

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I have transformed myself in the process of crossing the barrier potential present between school and college. If you have less fun, you are assured or perhaps guaranteed that you will get a good job and will have a happy life, or in scientific words the barrier potential will decrease making it easy for you to get admission. 

Some say marks don't make a difference, some say fun cannot always help in keeping you in the limelight. I say it's your choice. If you choose to continue what is "fun" for other's but is the thing you are best at, then your hardwork will definitely pay off. 

I was an introvert in school. Don't talk too much to boys, feel shame in asking questions in front of the class and don't hold that courage to go to the teacher alone for doubts-these were a part of my ideologies. I used to wake up at a fixed time, go to school, come home directly, and watch serials and complete homework. Never having the urge to go out, feeling shy in talking to new people and thinking negative about them just because they got more attention in the class, gossiping about the class queens and trying to figure out their relationship complications and later in conclusions, judging them. There came a time, where I was so much into myself that I started becoming afraid to go out to buy anything. I used to feel uncomfortable stepping out and letting other people see me as they walked past me and thinking that they will notice my body and appearance and judge me in the same way. Later, however I left these negative baseless ideologies behind me and started stepping out of my house, without worrying that I may or may not have a company for the rest of the minutes or hour or so. 

 In college, I started isolating myself from other people since I did not want to study in Goa and most of my friends had shifted to big cities and good colleges. I followed the same pattern- wake up, go to college, attend lectures, eat and then come home. I was determined to not hope or look forward to "Mr. Right" and to not make closer friends who would be leaving you after college. 

But I guess, there was God showing his blessings to me that I for one day with all the positive attitude started interacting with my classmates. I used to think that they won't like me and no one would make friends with me, but the opposite happened and they even planned a little something for my birthday. Now as I am about to complete my Second Year, I have everything in me. Confidence, sarcasm, knowledge, punctuality, taking time alone for myself, travelling as much as possible. 

I made travelling my passion and here I am, covered almost  all of Goa with my friends. 

Fun which others see as nuisance, is something that makes you feel good while doing it. I had surrounded myself with all these social life barriers, but now that I have cut all that out, I am free to roam wherever I want, with whoever I want, and however I want. 

You can give yourself everything from the world, or you can let the barriers take everything from you where you will be left hollow from inside. I believed that I can travel, make friends, talk to boys, go for movies alone, enjoy the silence, and I did all those things and it made me feel complete. Now, at this instant I don't have any complaints with life and I just try to keep looking for moments to cherish. 

Love yourself, keep yourself motivated, and pursue whichever definition of F.U.N that makes you complete.

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