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A Pleasant Surprise
A Pleasant Surprise

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There he laid, like a child sleeping, blood was coming out of his wound and it was making the beautiful white snow red.

I knew he was not dead but they refused to take him back with them into the health chamber, which they said his body would arrive after we all had gone from there to a safer zone, and nobody would be allowed to touch him. They told me to come with them not realizing I was not one of them, I was not one of their army personnel. I was his and only his, I was not going to leave him alone.

They were about to pick me up when we heard a gunshot being fired and it took all the oxygen out of my lungs, and soon I fainted and there I laid beside my lover with now my blood mixing with his.

I woke up in a hospital bed and as soon as I opened my eyes the nurse who was looking after me started shouting for the doctor to come and see me. After the doctor did all the diagnosis and found that I was doing a fine job at surviving, he sent someone inside; it was a familiar face, he was wearing an army uniform. He said he wanted to ask me some questions regarding the stunt I did on that day, so I let him. He asked me questions that I was expecting he would ask, like how did I end up there?

He did not ask me or even doubted for once whether I was a spy of the enemy nation as he knew me and my family very well. He was the reason that I was with my beloved, he was the person who introduced us in the first place. After he got the answers to his questions, he let me ask him a few.

He told me that my lover was on the ventilator and he was yet to inform my parents about the dangerous stunt that I had pulled off, but I somehow managed to persuade him into lying about the whole situation as my parents thought I was gone on a trip with my friends.

After 3 days I got discharged from the hospital and the first thing I did was, I went to his room to see him. He was there, sleeping like a child, without any worries, without any stress. In hope of him being able to listen to me, even though I knew he won't be able to in such a state, I told him how I loved him, how I was going to kill him when he wakes up. I also told him that I will keep waiting and waiting till eternity for him to wake up.

It had been a few days since I was back from the hospital, my parents kept trying to behave as if though everything was normal, I guess they had gotten the news and were now wondering how to break it to me but little did they know that I knew, that I saw it with my own eyes and that it happened because he wanted to save me.

For a year or two, I used to sponge bath, read stories, shave and do all other things for him, of what he was now incapable of doing.

My parents had decided as this was slowly ruining my chance at a proper career they had to send me to a university in a foreign country to complete my PG. They didn't know how I felt when we were separated from each other. At first, I resisted a lot, but after thinking a bit rationally I agreed to it but I took an oath from my parents to call me immediately if he gets a bit better, better enough to take the ventilator off.

I finally wanted to move on from the pain that had me in its grasp. Before I started going to my university I had made a decision to alter my look, so that I would be left alone. I am no misanthrope but I was not in a condition to get emotionally attached to anyone right now.

I put my hair in a braid, I had already put oil on my hair and I wore fake glasses which made me look even weirder.

In a span of 6 months, I don't know how or why I ended up making friends. Well, I had only one friend but she used to make me go around with her group of friends, who obviously did not like me much but they still let me roam around with them.

Just one day before the 5th of the current month my parents called me to say happy birthday to me as according to their time it was 5th. They had this sad tinge to their greetings, so I asked them what was wrong and they told me that the doctor was taking him off the ventilator tomorrow.

I didn't know what to do so I just cut the call and after that moment I remembered every memory we had together, from the first time we met to the first date we had. From the last fight, we had to the last time we were together. I remembered all those nights he used to sneak into my house to sleep and cuddle with me.

All those sweet and sour times just passed in front of my eyes in those seven seconds. It was as if though it was not him who was dying rather it was me.

I knew that if I would lose him now I would also be losing a part of myself that was attached to him.

I called my uncle who lived in the same city and asked me to book a flight ticket to go back home. I also called my friend and I told her that I was leaving tomorrow, she told me that she with all her group members together would come to pick me up tomorrow. I allowed her to do so as I had no option except calling my uncle to pick me up, but I didn't want to worry him even more.

The whole night I was not able to sleep, I packed my backpack in a frenzy. I did not want to lose him at any cost; I would not be able to live without him!

Perhaps if my parents could persuade the doctor and then if I will talk to the doctor they won't take the ventilator off. It was my fault this was all my fault nor would I have been there nor would he have taken the bullet to save me, I was killing him or I have killed him.


It was early morning and I heard her car coming near my house, as she parked in front of my house I took all my bags near the car while everyone was coming out of the car, they helped me put my bags in the car's trunk.

I soon realized my friend was the one who was driving, she told the person who was sitting beside her to go and sit at the back so I got to sit in the passenger seat.

My friend asked me why I was leaving all of a sudden. I tried to behave as normal as I could and told her a family emergency had come up.

She told me as the flight's take off time was 3 hours later, they wanted to give me a farewell party (little did they know that today was my birthday). At first, I refused and then they pursued me to at least visit a nearby coffee shop.

After 15 minutes we arrived at the coffee house, and as we entered my eyes fell on the stage that was set up in the middle of the shop. There were a few instruments put on the stage with a few people practicing on them and there also was a person who had his back to us, he wore a suit, from behind he looked handsome even though I was not able to see his face, it looked like he was instructing the other musicians on what to do, seeing him kind of made me felt like a déjà vu.

Somebody out of nowhere shouted, "sprouts for tablets no. 1!" at which I noticed the handsome stranger's back stiffened. I know I should not be thinking about him but something about this stranger was familiar, I was just not being able to point out what.

We sat on the only table available which had a clear view of the stage and then a melody started playing by the musicians.

Weird enough, but the singer still had his back to us, he slowly started to sing, at first I was taken aback as the song was in Hindi and also because the stranger's voice was also very familiar.

Soon everyone that had occupied the tables got up and in pairs they started dancing in pairs to the music's beat. This got me all confused, what was going on?

To get an answer to my question I looked at my friend who was smiling like crazy while looking at my reaction to all of this, at that point she was not the only one, all the people in our group had the same expression and were looking at me in the same way and that's when the stranger turned.

He had curly dark brown and almost black hair, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful nose.

He was alive!

I went into a shock, he was there standing on the stage, looking in my eyes while singing for me. My eyes were filled with tears, I stood up from my chair and ran over to him, I stood in front of him now. Staring at him in amazement and awe, my parents had lied to me!

He was wearing a mic that was attached to his face, so while singing he came near me and grabbed me by my waist and we started dancing.

After the song finished I started hitting him and uttered only one word while crying.


"While I am dying in peace, you are allowed to come and threaten me, but I am not allowed to scare you even a little bit on your birthday? Happy Birthday, lollipop," he whispered in my ears. At that I got angry but I couldn't help but hug him so tightly as if though I was holding him for my dear life, I didn't even notice that everyone was looking at us.

Everyone around us started chanting, "Kiss! Kiss!" I started blushing furiously at that point of time.

"I am sorry everyone, we can't as she wants to lose her first public kiss at a special moment so no PDA for you," he said and at that, I pulled him by his collar and kissed him passionately.

The kiss lasted for 30 seconds and when it was over, I whispered in his right ear, "No moment can be more special than you being alive ... idiot." and everyone cheered.

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