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Made My Heart Race
Made My Heart Race

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So there’s this girl…

I saw her today as I stopped at the red light, just off the highway. My high school crush. It had been years since I had even thought about her, but seeing her immediately brought back all the feelings I had for her. Lots of butterflies.

The funny thing is, I was not having the greatest day. I was coming back from being stood up by a woman who I’d been chatting with online—from, yep, yet another dating site. Seeing her was like the universe telling me not to give up. My face just lit up, I could feel it—the blood rushing to my rosy red cheeks. I never had a great pokerface.

Wow, I sat across from this girl in so many classes. Small town, so it was a small school. I always wished I had the courage to talk to her. I’m no catch now, but I was even worse back then. I remember the teacher once paired us up on an assignment. I nearly peed myself with giddy nerves. But I never really spoke to her. I was not good at speaking to start, let alone to girls like her.

So anyway, I caught a glimpse of her as she was coming around to the driver side. She had put a bag or something in the backseat and she hopped in and drove off just as the light turns in my favor. Thank you, karma! I felt like a schoolboy again.

I followed her without even thinking. Just looking at her made my heart race. I instantly forgot all of the failed string of dates I’d been on recently. I thought I caught her glancing back at me, but she turned before I could wave or anything.

Gosh, would she even recognize me? It’s been so long.

So there’s this guy…

I had just put the baby in the backseat when I noticed a guy watching me from his car at the highway offramp. It struck me because the light was green and he was just sitting there. I figured he was on his phone or lost in thought or something. I just quickly got into the car and drove off.

I was driving towards the old chapel, trying to sing the baby to sleep. I usually play her favorite song on my phone, but my battery died and my charger was home.

The baby spat up a bit and I looked back quickly to make sure she was okay. That’s when I noticed the guy was still behind me. It was a good couple minutes after I first saw him. I didn’t want to panic, but I had the baby with me and no phone, so I was a little nervous.

I made a couple turns to see if he would follow and, yep, he made the same turns. I didn’t want to go home and have him know where I live. I sped up trying to think of a store or something nearby. I read somewhere to get to a public area. But I was worried about getting out of the car quick enough with the baby.

I thought about getting onto the highway but I passed the gas station and saw the mechanic standing outside the garage. I pulled in and asked him to check my oil. I don’t know why, it was the first thing I could think of.

In my rearview mirror, I saw the car slow down like he was going to turn. Just looking at him made my heart race. He turned the opposite way and I was still so scared I was shaking.

“Okay. We’re running the plates now and have your incident report on file. A detective will follow up with you. ”

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