Manipulation - A Disaster

Manipulation - A Disaster

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Red face, Black eyes, short and fat. Her whole body was wet with sweat. She was running. Running from whom? It was so difficult to judge her for me.

I do not know her. But her first picture clicked my mind. What was the thing I was attracted to her for. May be her charm and her boldness. She was running to catch her train. I was in the same coach. I gave my hand to her. But she did not want any help. She managed to pushed herself in the train. The train was running very fast like her heartbeat. She was going to Lucknow to meet her cousin sister. And I was on my for some office work at Kanpur. The way we looked at each other was amazing. That was the day of 13th February, 2013. Everything was looking beautiful on that day. Because I started to fall in love with that unknown girl. She smiled and looked at me. We both introduced each other. She said are you Akshay Malhotra? I asked her, "how do you know me? Have we met before?"

She said, "No I was reading your name on your laptop."

"Aww," I replied. "So sweet of you." She smiled again and said, "Its my pleasure Akshay." I was very curious to know about her. At that time I was talking with my son and wife. I told her everything about me. But she was still quiet. May be she did not want to share anything with me. Slowly she tried to tell me her whole story. I listened her patiently. I was attracted to her. But I forgot I was a married man. At that time I forgot everything. She told me that she was a divorcee and her name was Priyanka. She lived in Delhi. And now she went to meet her cousin. She was married and she wanted to file a divorce case. We were become good friend of each other.

When I looked at her I forgot everything. I promised her that I will help in her divorce. She agreed. We used to talk on the phone. I forget that I was a married man and I had some limits. But loves does not know any bindings. When she reached her sister's home she gave me a call. It was her first call and I just wanted to listen her. Her heart was very pure. Day by day I got attracted towards her. Next day she called me and said when you were returned to Delhi. I told her that I will go to Delhi tomorrow. She said "can she come with me..?" I was shocked that she trusted me so easily. I know her weak points now. As we reached to Delhi I told her that I will come to her home with my wife. She said okay no problem at all.

After two days I proposed her to be my girlfriend. She did not want to make that type of relation. But I was a charming and handsome man. I was making lots of efforts to make her my girlfriend. Every day I picked her from her office and drop her home. Her mother was already accepting me as her son. But the daughter is little shy. But I had guts to impress the ladies with my charm. I already planned everything because I was fed up with my wife. My wife is a Muslim lady. Every day she had doubts on me. I was going with very hard time. But Priyanka was the only option for me. I went to Priyanka's house with my wife and son. I told a white lie to my wife that Priyanka was like my sister. I played smart to win Priyanka. But I forgot at that time that things can take ugly turn at anytime. I was not thinking about the consequences. I was just going and going.

Priyanka was almost impressed with my honesty. Everyday I made a white lie story and told her. She was totally convinced to make a relation with me.

But she was little bit hesitant when I touched her. She said, "No. I cannot give you my body." But as I was very charming. She could not stop me.

She started to love me like a mad women. My charms worked. I was very happy that she was totally in my control. I manipulated her everyday.

She started to tell white lies to her mom for me. The only thing was that bothering us was our wife. Every day Priyanka I asked me when we were getting married? And Every day I told her that I cannot marry with you. I have one kid. My wife will commit suicide if she knows about us.

It was almost two years of our relationship. We were happy with each other. But I made the relation with lies. How can it will be a permanent relationship.

Priyanka was an innocent girl. She did not want to give pain to my wife and son. One day she called me and said she wants to break up. I was trying to convince her that please do not break this relationship, I love you. But she did not want to listen to me. Finally she broke up with me. Priyanka was under depression. Her treatment was going on. But she never called me. Sometimes she replied my mail. I was feeling very guilty, because I was the reason of her depression.

This story told us that never trust on strangers, they can be harmful your life. Do not give your life in another's hand. You are the driver of your life. So have to drive your life with your own way.

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