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The Most Precious One
The Most Precious One

© Jisha Rajesh

Children Inspirational

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Rampal was a simple peasant who wanted his son Varun to become an owner of a white collar job when he grows up. And hence, he has sent Varun to an English medium school for better education. One day, he wished to test Varun's knowledge and intelligence to make sure that he has made a right decision by sending him to a school. He called Varun and asked him, "What is the most precious thing for a person in life?"

Varun scratched his head for a while while searching for an answer and then asked his father to give him some time. Rampal nodded in assertion and Varun set out of the house to search for the answer.

He met his neighbour Maggie Aunty on his way. Being childless herself, she was exultant to see Varun. He asked her the question and she said, "Children are the most precious ones."

As Varun was on his way back, he met another neighbour Khanna Uncle who was a poor labourer. He told him about the question his father has asked and the answer he has found. Khanna Uncle groaned and said, "The most precious thing is money, my dear."

The next person whom he met on the way was Albert, who was in the process of mending his broken heart after a terrible break -up with his girlfriend. On being asked by Varun he said, "the most precious thing is love."

He walked a little further and caught the glimpse of his father's best friend Verma Uncle who was typing ferociously on his laptop. He used to work in a corporate office and was in a furious frenzy to complete his presentation for the meeting with a client. He posed the same question and Verma Uncle said, "It is success, my boy."

On the way back home, Varun passed in front of Lakshmi Das Jewellery owned by Seth Lakshmi Das. He was under constant threat of his shop being robbed by thieves owing to which he remained tense and had spent several sleepless nights brooding over the issue. He greeted Varun with open arms and a broad grin. After having some sweets, Varun asked him the question his father had asked him in the morning. Seth ji projected a long face and said, "It is peace of mind, honey."

Varun was in dilemma as he had lots of answers but none seemed to answer his father's query with absolute satisfaction. As he stepped into the house, his father looked at him with expectant eyes. Varun drew a deep breath and answered with utmost confidence, "Dad, there is no specific answer to what the most precious thing in a human's life is. The thing which he yearns for and also the one which he is deprived of is most precious one for that particular person. Like, right now for me, it is the answer to your question!"

Rampal burst out laughing as he became convinced that his son really was an intelligent one. Varun joined in as he saw his father's eyes brimming with pride.

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