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Move On!
Move On!

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The story is about a person who is good in all activities like family relations, friends, work, academics that is a common person who goes through all regular things which humans does. Here in his life he gets a turning point where he realizes that being mediocre is not the solution, taking all the relations and maintaining it with his own efforts is not enough and also he tries to keep all relations and activities which does not improve his life which is full of confusions and burden running behind the materialistic happiness so one after all failures and setbacks he faces by thinking about others makes him to change and first improve his own self then he focuses on his own life starts all activities which makes him better whether its academics, relationships and other things which made him to lead to peace, he realizes that if there is peace of mind he can be successful in life without worries and hates and he got a thought anything may happen don't think, and hold grudges in fact think positively and move on, that’s life.

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